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Barry Evans Hi Mark,
John Cox 1793-1863 & Judith (Julia) Cox Born Tawner1805-1881 are my G/G/G Grandparents 5 Generations.
Regards Barry Evans
4 years ago
Unknown Barry,
there is some conjecture regarding Julia`s surname .I have it as Turner,but there are some that think it is Towner or other variations.Can you shed some light on which it is.
4 years ago
Susanne Junelle Page Mark, the Elsie May Fuller you have is definitely not related to me.I made the same mistake when I started.Your Elsie had a sister Ruby.There was a Ruby in my family so I ran with it till I worked out our Ruby was the younger sister of my great grandmother on dads fathers side which ironically could have made her Elsie's sister because of the age gap.My poor cousin found out all about the Priest family and we were taken in by the whole intersting story.
Anyone want some info on Rachel Priest's family?
3 years ago
Susanne Junelle Page Mark if your connection to me is through Elsie Page (Fuller) then we are not connected at all if however it is someone else then you need to add my fathers missing siblings. All up there is Sylvia,Mavis,Jean,William,Roy,Pat (officially Amy Joyce) and two half sisters Pam and Mary from their mothers second relationship.I don't know if she married him.There were at least two other men after that ,I think she married them both.Working on those details.
regards Susanne Page
3 years ago
Terry Lynch Hi Mark, thanks for the info re the Patrick Lynch. The email I thought was yours was obviously (just after I wanted to attach the 'doc' for you I foung out it was from ...) -from MyHeritage. So now I'm searching your email contact, have it somewhere I reckon but can't remember. Will soon anyway. Cheers, Terry.
3 years ago
Colleen Rowley Colleen Rowley - Thanks for you message Mark. Evelyn Gale (nee Bonham), not Evaline, was married to Allen Eric Augustine Gale and they had 4 children, June, Ella, Neil and Elaine, (all still living except my mother June). Evelyn"s siblings were Arthur married to Alma, Sydney (Snow) married to Lila and then to Nell, Ivy not married. The name Lily means nothing to me.
Evelyn is the descendant of Eli and Dinah (nee Burton) who came to Australia in the 1840's
3 years ago
Unknown Colleen .
Thank you for the correction.I`ll change tree accordingly.
regards Mark
3 years ago
Elizabeth Montgomery Hi Mark where did you get the information on James Montgomery. I have he was born in Ireland married and died in Canada no dates known
2 years ago
Roslyn van Koeverden Hi Mark, thanks for confirmation details regarding Duncan Frater, much appreciated- Roslyn van Koeverden
2 years ago
Gordon Reynolds Hi Mark, If I can be of help on the Wall side of your family let me know, only be glad to help, Gordon
2 years ago
Christopher Robin Collins Hiu Mark. I've recently done a genome trace and NIghtingale ancestors come up high as having a relationship to my family. I'm yet to trace at what point.
Regards Chris Collins.
296 days ago
Cheryl Brown Hello Mark
Can you give me some details of your family link to the Byrne family please
I'm not sure about a Dorothy Byrne but I'm open to any information you can provide
196 days ago
Unknown Dorothy`s dad was Leo John (Bill) Byrne of Tumut.Her Mum`s name was Phyllis Harris.
196 days ago
Margaret McCormack Very new to this business of constructing this family tree -- and trying to do it on only iPhone! Are you connected through iris and Ernie Webb --Winifred and Larry Peteie
146 days ago
Michelle Patricia Jane Nightingale Merry Christmas Mark to you and your family, i hope you all have a wonderful christmas and a happy new year from your cousin michelle and family
131 days ago
Unknown Hi Michelle.Had a very busy Christmas day.Hope you all had a great day and have a Happy New Year.
Love Mark
130 days ago