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Billie Chapman I am searching for the husband of Jane Bird. She married some one by the last name of Phillips. He died between 1797, after his son, William Phillips was born, and 1802 0r 1803. Then, Jane married another person, a Tory, a friend of Richard Sr. Bird by the name of Joseph Sr. Hicks. He died, and she migratedwith her family, Richard Sr. Bird, and Charity McCullar to S.C. and then, to Jasper County, Ga. Richard Sr. Bird buys 202 and one half acres in Jasper Co., which later, William Phillips just happens to use. Richard Sr. Bird , and his wife, Chairty move onto Alabama, Catawba, and Jane , now Hicks stays in the Jasper County, Ga, and she marries there to Robert Hensley of Jones County, Ga. They start a new life in Jones County, Ga, and they live happily ever after in Jones County, Ga. Robert has had a prior marriage, and his wife died in 1827. She was buried there in Jones County, Ga, and I can not find her burial gravesite on Friends of Jones County, Ga. Also, I can not find the graves of Robert Hensley, nor Jane Bird/Hicks/Hensley either on this site. It is not listed in the History of Jones County, Ga. There is a southern custom, that people of a family were buried in the back yard. I do not know what platt they lived on, nor the location in Jones County, Georgia. If you find anything about these, please send your data
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