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Lyla Smith I,m a wife to a great guy, a mother to 4 wonderfull adults,and last but not least grandmother to 9 of the most amasing,and beautiful young people on the plant,I grew up in a family of 7 children although most were grown or soon would be by the time little bro.and I were born,our parents were truly amasing,and I was raised in Arizona a place I love,yes I,m very Blessed...
5 years ago
Lyla Smith I get so tried of looking and not finding,I know who my family was, and what they were,but its one blank after another,I,ll keep tring how ever long it takes, I just need to find the right Tribe & Nation baby steps alway's,this needs to be done for the children,and for me it would be nice to belong somewhere,I,m not white,but proving my true heritage is ver hard grandmother did a real good job of hiding,and so has Ellen,Please Creator help me...
5 years ago