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David Ferdinand Begin Comment on Robert Lord 1678
Reject parents other than Thomas Lord I.
Reject William Farrington, Anthony 3x, Robert 5x.
Now discovered that Dorothy Bird was first married to Richard Lord and only had one child named Richard. Then father Richard died and Dorothy married Thomas.
In 1610,Black Plague hit Grandfather William, son Richard I & wife Joan Bird & grandson Richard II who just had a son Richard III who survived.

Dorothy then married Richard's younger brother Dr. Thomas.
Many trees fail to show the marriage of Dorothy to Richard and many incorrectly place Richard III as son of Thomas.
Now Robert married 3x, I name the wives with I,II,III in order to know their order. Found this very helpful.
1- Adrian Baysey married 1648 ?
2- Rebecca Stanley married 1650 Conn. New England
3- Hannah Day married 1660 Mass. New England
Immigration was with the "Elisabeth & Ann"
Consensus of 82
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Carol Lee Johnson thank you for this information
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