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Sandra Challice I can't find the page any more with your comments and request for membership. I clicked on accept and now I can't go back, I was born and raised in Ontario - Cavan, Millbrook area if you are familiar with it. But have lived here for almost 40 years. I also saw that you live in Sudbury so the ideas I wrote are not feasible. Do you have some kind of second hand market on internet. There you could request the book.
there should be loads of them. I had two, I discovered last year and so I gave my mother's to my brother in Saskatchewan. It doesn't stick out so many copies would just disappear I 'm afraid.
If you send me your email I'll mail you a picture of the cover.
4 years ago
Jo Forbes Very familiar with the Millbrook area. Small world - a dear cousin on my mother's side lives in Millbrook. I use her house as a hotel when I am doing family research. Her husband works for Ontario Hydro at Darlington. My email is The book is in the library at the University of Toronto. I will call the local library and see it I can borrow it. It is very late at night here, I have been mucking out all the drawers, boxes and Rubbermaid totes in response to the overwhelming amount of stuff I had to move to take up the carpet. I wonder to myself, what in the world made me think I wanted to keep this junk? Can you send me your mailing address? Mine is P.O. Box 445, Falconbridge, Ont. P0M 1S0. Some where I have a picture of my great great great grandfather and I shall go looking for it to send you a copy.
4 years ago
Sandra Sue Caska Carlo Hi
My email is
I live in Plattsburgh New York, I don't know how we are related, I am just following my family line. I am related to the Pulsifer's and Cannon and Proctor in Crown Point New York and the Caska and Bliss and Adsit and Hayes on my father's side.

Email me any time you get some time.
Sandra Caska Carlo
4 years ago
Jo Forbes I live in a small mining town in Ontario called Falconbridge. I have been working on the family tree for about fifty years. My email is In the United Kingdom, I am searching for last names Kellas, Reid, Watt and Gordon. I have found many family members from my mother's side in the US. Some from Albany and Rochester, but mostly from Michigan.
4 years ago
Cindy Squirrell what is your connection with Clayton Saul
3 years ago
Jo Forbes Clayton had the very fortune to marry into a branch of my family tree. Because My Heritage cannot fathom a great uncle or a third cousin, twice removed, I don't know the exact relationship.
3 years ago
Edna Margaret Aubut I have been perusing the emails on this site, find it interesting that you are in Falconbridge, an old friend of mine just passed away Millie Koskela, we went to school in Minnow Lake together back in the early 40's. I left Sudbury when I was 19 for Toronto, 2 years later I found myself in North Bay and married, a year later I moved to Nipigon. Was in Sudbury at the end of May, for my brother's funeral in Massey. Thomas Gatchell. When I connected with your tree and saw the name 'Condit', I knew the relationship was there! Visited Bob and June Henry in Everett, Wash about 2002. Live a busy life so have not been in touch further, June gave me copies of a few of her pictures. Edna Aubut
one year ago
Jo Forbes Ty and Millie are honourary grandparents to my nephew, Alex. We live right next door to them. Alex used to cut their lawn when they lived in the house. Back in 1965, my father, an OPP officer was transferred to Nipigon. There were no family houses available for us to move with him, so the family stayed in Port Arthur and Dad lived in a boarding hotel. Finally, Nipigon was changed to bachelor officers only and we were transferred to Armstrong, which had a detachment house. I am very glad to be in touch with someone from the Gatchell family branch. The information on my tree is very sketchy. Hope to be in touch soon. Jo Forbes.
one year ago