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Genealogy surnames I am researching:BOYD AND RICKS
JOY CARSON i am looking for my family history on my fathers side. his name fred boyd born november 1934. parents names were berthula ricks and cliff boyd. if someone could help me would greatly be apprecieated.
5 years ago
June Faught Hi Joy, I too, am looking for my husband;s family on his
fathers side. He lived most of his life, in Kansas, except
for a couple of years in Texas and Denver, when he was
much older, with his business. My father-in-law's name
was William Dale Boyd. He married Rita McCarthy from
Edgerton,Kansas and lived in Kansas and raised their
3 boys. We know that my father-in-law had several brothers
and only one name that we know of, and his name was
James. That is all that we know. We saw one picture of
his mother and she was a short, puddgy, hard looking
woman . She was at the wedding of my father-in-law
and former mother-in-law. The lady was an older lady
very well dressed, wearing a fur stole. She had grayish,
blonde hair. We do not know anything about her other than
my father-in-law did keep in touch with her after he left his
family. He had several brothers and we know that one of
them was named James. He had one brother that died
in the fall of 1978; don't know any more about his other
than he died and we do not know where. My father-in-law
did not talk to us about his family. We do believe that my
father-in-law came from Ireland or Scotland. My mother-in-
laws family are from Ireland and immigrated into the US.
That is really all we know. Have done a lot of research but
have not connected the dots yet. That is my next undertaking. Hope that some of this info helped you. If
you know anything that could help me, please let me know.
Thank you.
June Boyd
5 years ago