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Donna Green Welcome to all who enter here! You are invited to leave as lengthy a message or as short a message as you like and I will respond as soon as I have read all them.

It is with great anticipation that I have connections all around the world from relatives of mine, whether through blood, marriage, or extended family. All these connections give us a sense of pride in our Family Heritage and its humble beginnings.

Thank you so very much for signing my Guestbook.

Donna Bunting Green
5 years ago
Thomas Webb I am Tom Webb. I started looking up my past about a year ago. I had alot of help my mother has been doing this since I was a kid so I have a leg up. Mother got into this way before the age of computers and social network sites. The one thing I did learn is documentation.
5 years ago
Donna Green Hi Tom,

I was the same as your mother. I started out really early on in my life (1946 to present), but I had not learned about documentation yet. Once I really got into computers, when I was hired on as a 'girl firday' with McCarley & Company, property managers, I was hooked.

The first computer I owned was a Commodore 64 and I met my future husband on that computer. I was married at the time and we met in secret rooms. It is a long drawn-out story, but one that led to my eventual happiness with a wonderful man who had much in common with me, i.e. computers (he built them; I knew and could code software), the Bible (he knew everything I asked about), and many, many more.

Thank you so much, Tom, for signing my Guestbook and filling me in on your Family Heritage search.

Donna Bunting Green
5 years ago
Derek Hanley Did you know that you Rafe Williams tree includes RJ Hawke... who was one of Australia's Prime Ministers? His second wife, Blanch Dalpuget is a fairly famous Australian author... whose novel 'Turtle Beach' was made into a movie.. She also wrote the definitive authorised biography of Hawke while they were having an affair in the 1980's.
5 years ago
Donna Green I had no idea about any of this. I suppose you have this is your tree. I have been looking for a way to update your site from my site but cannot find one. Do you have any suggestions?
5 years ago