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Helle Rau Hartmann Hi Glenda, I see that some misunderstandings occur on your family tree, regarding my grandmothers branch :-)
You are welcome to download any photos from my family albums, and make any questions needed.
I recommend, that you print out a diagramme from my family tree, fx with Jacob Christoffer Jochumsen as the head person. I have lately made some updates on my tree, but I have a lot of work to do, still......
4 years ago
Unknown Hello Glenda, not sure if it is you family site that is using photos which are not me but my brother Ronald and Russell. One sitting on a tricycle is Ronald and one with funny fur hat is Russell. If is you site please fix, it not my apologies. Vic Malham
3 years ago
Unknown Hi Glenda
Not sure if its your website with my family one it which has photos of me in my younger days. If so 2 are wrong. The one sitting on the tricyle is my brother Gordon Jeffery, the one with the funny hat on is my other brother Russell ian.
If this is not on your website but from the Smart Matches there is no way of telling who site has the photos.
Vic Malham
3 years ago