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Eleanor Bradford Halstead I was wondering how you are related to Dr James Addison Halsted. My picture of Charlotte Palmer is too small for this site to receive it.
Eleanor Halstead 00111@
3 years ago
Eric Dalton I'm not. I got kind of bored after doing my own relations, so to waste time while my DNA results slowly come in I continued counting marriage by marriage and eventually got to Anna Roosevelt who was wife to James Addison Halstead. Sort of a Six Degrees of Separation if you've heard of that. As far as I know I am not related to either one of them in any way. I'm sure my "family tree" has some mistakes, but after much revision it's as close to correct as I can make it right now. Sorry to disappoint you. I get these sort of questions every now and then.
3 years ago
Denis Rex Perenara That's what happens when we can see that someone looks as though they know what they are doing. As you can see from my query I find mistakes on my site every time I look at it. My biggest "grumo" about the site is the length of time it takes the SUPPORT TEAM to answer a query. Thank God for people like you!!!
3 years ago