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Kerry Healey No your correct, Blincos are also related to me. My Great Grandfather James Kelly married Emily Shipton and her sister Amy married Francis Henry Blinco in 1921. I have one hell of a big family.

4 years ago
Danielle Marie Armstrong Thank you--- oh my photo is of when I was in primary school taken many many years ago lol
3 years ago
Laurin Outram I am the outram side. Can you tell me where you fit
one year ago
Kerry Healey Hi Laurin, can you give me a little more information as I am related to two families called Outram. One link is via my Son-in-law and the other is via an aunt by marriage directly related to my father. Can you give me your grandfathers name please.
one year ago
Laurin Outram Hi Kerry, My grandfather was Alban Outram and my dad was Percival Alban Outram. They are all connected to the Frederick Outram. All from Fremantle. Came over from England in 1857 and his twins boy Fredrick and girl Mary. He built the first lime Kilns in Colburn. And Outram St in Hamilton Hill is names after him. Outram St in Coolgardie is also named after him. Outram St in Perth is named after the famouse Sir James Outram the Bayard of india and was Knighted by the Queen. His father made the tram that you use in the mines and them the TRAMS that are on the roads. (out TRAM ) His dad was an engineer.
my number is 08 9342 3702 email
one year ago
Karen May Marriott Karen Marriott nee Dunning here..Gladys and George are my Grandparents through William Robert...but my Grandfathers names was George Edward not Norman..they had five children...Maxwell George, Graham Keith, William Robert, Judith Irene and Brian Leslie..thanks Karen...but grandad was defiantly George Edward not Norman
one year ago