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Janice Moscicki

Saw your post. here is a link to Erie County, Buffalo, NY. Deed Records are the only thing that are online. You will have to request an acct. All others - d/c, b/c and marriage records will have to be requested by mail and for a fee.
5 years ago
Linda Christ Jesse, re your post about NJ. NJ is a tough state to get family information from. I had to submit my drivers license copy, copy of my birth certificate, a bill like electric, which shows my current address and a fee, I forgot how much it was but I think something like $25 American dollars. It was horrific just to get my dad's birth certificate. I want to get his mother's birth certificate but do not know her mother and father's names for certain. I know that my great grandmother was Louisa Anderson-Harlin born in Uppsala, Sweden and that she might possibly have two sisters there. Very odd thing about Louisa, the local NJ newspaper stated that she died and left a total of $16,000 to be divided between her 3 surviving children. That is a great deal of money in 1936. USA was just coming out of the depression. No one else in the paper was described as having left that much money. The closest was around 2,000$. Any way she was described as a washer maid and a seamstress.
Well, good luck to you in your search.
4 years ago