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Hetty Martin - Baarsma

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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Baarsma

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Angela Baarsma Hi Hetty,
Your welcome....and it's just a start :))
5 years ago
Hetty Martin - Baarsma well no kidding :). Good thing I was home to to upgrade the site. Now we have tons of room to get family involved.
5 years ago
Angela Baarsma Anna Van Netten-Baarsma (b. 1894; d. 1990 ). Married to George Van Netten
Anna Baarsma (abt 1900) Kent, Michigan.
She is the Antje who came to the states in 1898, the're in the tree now
5 years ago
Angela Baarsma Rein Sierks Baarsma born in 1780 was married with Sara Maria Beekman. May be Sara Maria Baarsma is a daughter. I did send a mail to the beekman-family, waiting for a answer...
5 years ago
Hetty Martin - Baarsma Or grand daughter.
5 years ago
Angela Baarsma Hi Hetty,
There's something wrong in the tree. Lolke Baarsma (1881) married with Jacoba Zijlstra had 28 childeren (???) A lot off them are double. I thought i add them but there is also indormation from the kloostermansite.
5 years ago
Hetty Martin - Baarsma 28 kids - wow that is allot of kids...... just delete all the doubles
5 years ago
Hetty Martin - Baarsma 28 kids -- wooo that must have been fun!! Just You might as well dlete any doubles that have appeared.
5 years ago
Angela Baarsma I can't delete them :(( there're no options??
5 years ago
Hetty Martin - Baarsma Ok -- I am going to go check now
5 years ago
Hetty Martin - Baarsma Too strange -- I am not seeing those 28 kids on my pc.
5 years ago
Angela Baarsma really strange! i think kloosterman did add the doubles, there's a number (on the right) in this part off the tree.
For example Lokke Alida is there 2 times and once as unkown.......
5 years ago
Angela Baarsma ga10ac_7798754aac70a3bmklcmd8

this is the part, i think it's a kind off private part andries kloosterman did add, but most off this information was there already....
5 years ago
Hetty Martin - Baarsma Thanks for deleting all of that stuff -- keep it simple
5 years ago