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Pat Thomas

Joined:June 26 2010 (5 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Lassalle, McEachnie,Lambie,Vilain,Thomas,Niles,Belgrave,Govia, Abraham,Chinnama,Muller,Pasea,Boos,Kerr,Geofroy,Proctor,Adrizzone,Popham,Marinker,Wright

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Pat Thomas Jacqueline I'm only a Member of the Rabir site not a site manager. The 'crown' is that I belong to myHeritage as well. It does not say that I am a Manager. You are the Manager. Hope this sorts itself out.
5 years ago
Jacqueline Lassalle Just read your comment Pat.....thank you! Of course I understand and don't you worry because it has 'sorted itself out!
5 years ago
Pat Thomas So happy now. I want to walk you through the process of adding photos. It's easy once you know,
Perhaps it would be better talking it over the phone. When is the best time to call you? Do you have Skype too?
Cheers Pat
5 years ago
Christian Lassalle Hi Pat,
The only thing I remember relaying to you had to do with Ila Vilain, who lives/used to live at "the Battery" condominiums along the the Fort George Road overlooking St James. She used to be a stewardess/purser at BWIA for quite a number of years. I believe that she and Brian may have communicated about family ties, etc, although I never broached the topic with her. My contact person with her is Claudia Pegus, my client and her neighbour up at the Battery. Hope that helps....
4 years ago
Pat Thomas Thanks Christian,
I am in contact with Ela's sister Kandy. Ela isn't well at the moment. I have not heard from Kandy for 2 weeks now. Natalie also knows Ela, but I thought that you knew some Vilains in Mayaro or somewhere so. No??
Check out the website for my entries on the Vlains when you have some time. I am hoping for photographs of our Grandparents Lassalle & Vilain!!
Hugs Patricia xx
4 years ago