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Joanne Humay (Rod. Humaj(ova) do H. Vestenice, SK

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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Humaj(ova),Cagan(ova),Fletcher,Finlay,Adams,Fulton,Ford,Madden,Melville,Miller,Ramsay,McCulloch,Stewart,Hazel,Mc Murtrie,Templeton and associated familes
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peter humaj Hi Joanne,
my name is Peter Humaj and I am cousin of Martin Humaj. You sent him a email couple months ago regarding our family history. My, my two sister, autie and four cousins live in Sydney. Finally I did catch up with Martin on skype today and got you contact details. I already upgreat our family tree for few members. I think my sister in England already done this couple years ago. I remember she told me ones something about family tree. And I remember she found family member 4 or 5 generations infront of us. After I read you email ( you sent it to Martin) I think thats the time where we find our relatives. Because your family same as mine is from Horne Vestenice.

Peter Humaj
4 years ago
Jill Porterfield I have more family members to put on my family tree but i have`nt got there yet
4 years ago
Dianne Morante Hi Joanne. Welcome to my site. My husband cousin, Ian George Morante married Angela Ethel McWhirter, her parents were Bruce Boyne McWhirter & Bonnie Jean Foster. Regards Dianne Morante.
4 years ago
David Anderson Hello Joanne I got a messagr that you want to join my tree does your family have a conection to mine David
3 years ago
Cheryl Guzman (born Rice) I have you request to be permitted on my website...are we connected through the Mitchell or Rice Family...Cornwall England?
3 years ago
Stanislav Bugoš We have more families in Europe and in the USA since 1787 - 2012 until today.
3 years ago
Anne Adams Hi Joanne sorry I havent got back to you You are welcome to go to my site.As You see its a work in progress!Barbara Giffiths is there in the mix.I wonder if she was the one that taught my Mum dancing when Mum was 10 years old? May I visit your site Cheers Anne
3 years ago
Unknown Hi Ann,

My Primary site is Fletcher et al. You are welcome to join that one.

3 years ago
Jeni Steedman Hi Joanne, I would love to see the O'Brien connections you refer to. Could you give me some names to help fill in the blanks. O'Brien is in two of my trees - Piesse and Steedman. Thanks.
3 years ago
Karelyn Jones Hello Joanne, William & James Nairn are my third cousins. Interested in seeing how we are related. I also live in Australia [Melbourne].
3 years ago
Elizabeth "Betsy" (nee Tribe) Beech Hi Joanne. Welcome to my site. Our connection is thru my late husband, Robert William Owen Jr.
2 years ago
LINDILOU H Joanne. I am interested in how our two families may be connected as you suggest. Could you please advise.
2 years ago
barry brackley Hi Joanne we are cousins my mother and your mother were sisters.Iam barry brackley I know more of Cathey & Robert. I am the elderst grandchild of Robert&elizabeth Schilling
2 years ago
Marie-Françoise Monnier Bonjour très chère Joanne,
Je suis heureuse d'avoir reçue un petit mot de votre part. Moi je suis liées avec votre famille par les TAIT-FISH.
Moi je décent de: James TAIT °1669, et votre famille décent de sa soeur Agnes TAIT °1680 épouse de James BICHET °1680. Ceci pour un peu vous aider à trouvé le liens de famille.
Je vais vous invité dans mon arbre de famille par email.
C'est pour moi un honneur de vous accueillir.
Marie-France MONNIER
2 years ago
Judith Arnold Hi Joanne, Welcome to my site, My great grandfather was Allan Cram, I have gone back as far as William and Janet St Clare, do you have anything earlier?
yours Judith Arnold
2 years ago
Helen Haumann Hi Joanne, my site would not be any help for you, other than what you have.
2 years ago
Unknown Hi Joanne, I would like to know how you are related to either my family or my wife's. I have been doing some clean-up of site members and can not find any connection.
one year ago