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Trevor Bartlett Hi Marlene,
Florence Ethel Bartlett is my mother and she is still alive and has recently had her 87th birthday. Her current married surname is Goode
Regards, Trevor Bartlett
5 years ago
Tommy Meerman Hi Marlene
I matched Gustavas Hosken and I hope he is the same person as I dont have his family details only who he married ( my wife's dad's 1st cousin )
and his kids
Good luck with your mixed up family tree, Tommy Meerman
4 years ago
Ian Downie Hi Marlene
Re the Edward Humphries in your tree -
Edward and Mary H had two sons named Edward the first only lived 3 years and and a later child was also named as Edward. they were born in 1793-1796 and 1798 - 1838. I cant tell which one is the referenced son in your tree, If he had children then it will be obvious I guess.
Ian D.
4 years ago
Vacant Long time no hear. How goes things Marlene?

If you are too busy no worries.....just saying hi from NZ.

4 years ago
Diana Jones Hi Marlene Who is your relatation in the Gordon-Stables tree.
3 years ago
Unknown To all who have left messages here, my apologies for not responding as I rarely check here as most messages I receive have been through email. I'm not sure if it is due to some of the changes made by My Heritage, but I usually try to respond in a timely manner.

To Diana, I don't have that information at this time as I have been working mostly offline as I found I have had problems with merging or deleting wrong and duplicate data from my site. A few times, I had accidentally deleted a complete branch. I would have to search through matches to find any that have come from your site and I have temporarily stopped confirming matches until I can clear up the many problems on my site. Perhaps if you searched your matches, you may find any connection with my site faster as my priority is to research, document and cite my data in order to confirm good data and reject bad. It may also be possible that it was information accidentally deleted.

To Bill, it's been a long difficult year with the passing of my mother a year ago on the 22nd of this month. Thank you four keeping me in your thoughts and I will get back to you ASAP!

To Ian, I will check to see if that information has been dealt with to date. As I said, it may not be showing on my online tree, but I may have done so on my working offline tree.

To Tommy, I will also check on that information. The one problem I have noticed, is just entering a name triggers matches with so much conflicting data, I have found much of my time researching for documentation in order to make citations. Please know I will check on that problem.

Again my apologies for the long delay in responding to your messages. Perhaps if you sent me an email to, I would receive your notes and respond in a timely manner. I rarely had received messages here and unfortunately have forgotten about the "Guestbook!" My bad!

3 years ago