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Mary Catherine Nolan nee Scully

 Great Britain
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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Scully.s, Meanys,
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Suzanne Rahm Mary, We look alike !!!!!!!!. Infact my husband thought that was my picture at first!!
Your site name was sent to me as having possible matches to mine.
After the holidays, we MUST check this out, OK??
Suzanne Rahm
Merry Christmas!
5 years ago
Mary Catherine Nolan nee Scully Blimey Susanne are you quite sure there is another one of me out there lol, dying to see your photo and it would be lovely if we are related, HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS and please keep in touch, Mary C Nolan nee Scully xx
5 years ago
Suzanne Rahm I have not uploaded a phota as yet, but I will soon, I suppose.
I will invite you to my site on the conditions that anyinfo that you glean stays private. This info on Suzanne Perigo Ancestors file and a couple of others, is froma relative that I am already in hot water with.. He simply does NOT want this available to all.. I told him that I would do by invitation only, so pleaeeaassssssssse be conservative with your sharing, OK??
5 years ago
Suzanne Rahm What is your email??
5 years ago
Suzanne Rahm HEY, GIRL, i NEED ACCESS TO YOUR SITE ALSO !!!!!!!!!!
my personal email is
5 years ago
Mary Catherine Nolan nee Scully no problem Suzanne, e-mail.
Mary xx
5 years ago
Suzanne Rahm so , so you think that there is a resmblance?? I look like my dad, Rome Perigo. My 3rd cousin 1x removed (on Perigo side) is Elizabeth Rosemund Taylor. Yes, THAT Elizabeth.
We are both very short, we both once had blacke hair, heavy brows, heavier thighs thatn the average(but not humogous!), relationship problems (but I didn't marry all mine!), back problems, weight problem. In other words, she has a lot of Perigo characteristics.
She is well aware of her roots, but not overjoyed. or excited in any way.
5 years ago
Mary Catherine Nolan nee Scully Suzanne,
I know we have the same colour hair, but I personally can't see the resembelence, shame eh lol, I think if we are related and I have no idea how, you may possibly related through the Delaney side of the family, Sarah Delaney was my great grandmother, you may possibly be from her side of the family. The relaive that has thousands of information is someone called Jason his great grandmother was a sister of my great grandmother. He lives in USA, his heritage site is under Jason Blonar. look for his site and ask his permission to look at his tree . He is a good lad and has done loads of work on his tree and check if he has the people in his Line that you are related to, I stupidly added his Tree to mine , hence the huge amount of relations, Good luck with it ,
Mary C Nolan neeScully. e-mail
5 years ago
Suzanne Rahm My face is fuller than yours, but the brow line and around the nose , I see similarity.. It really doesn't matter, I suppose.
5 years ago
Desmond Connors Hi
I'm Desmond Connors, manager of Connors Family tree.
Born in Leeds, I reside in Australia.
Your site contains Walsh, Chambers and Nolan....all of which names exist strongly in our family.
My mum was Eileen Walsh of Leeds. Kathleen Chambers from Kilkenny was my grandma & the Nolans are there as well.
Our email is
2 years ago
Desmond Connors Anne Nolan, daughter of Tom, Leeds, 1935, is my 2nd cousin
2 years ago