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Joined:May 21 2010 (5 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:adams, field,lovell,gimm,williams,matthews,anderson imhoff, tomlinson
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Carmen Lawson Hello Janice, I have contacted Juanita (Ellis)...she has asked me to invite you to our site but I don't know how. She said if I can't do it she will be able to do it in a couple of days. I am looking forward to your 'arrival' on our list. Carmen
5 years ago
Dianne Morante Hi Janice. You have given some surnames, would you mind some full names as so i can find where abouts you are on my tree, Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Dianne.
5 years ago
Dianne Morante Hi Janice The only . William Stubbs i found born 1796 died 1852 m Mary ann Roger born 1803 died 1843. Dianne.
5 years ago
Amy Jane Fauchelle Jan how do I add you? hahaha
4 years ago
janice anderson hi amy, you go to your home page click on invite other family, scroll down to the bottom of the page , left hand side and click on invite other members manually and it goes to a page that asks for gender name and e.mail address and click invite. if you mean you want to get on my site , send me your e.mail address and i will fix it ok. jana
4 years ago
janice anderson me again, my e.mail is
4 years ago
Myra Catherine Try your nieces in Brisbane. Myra
4 years ago
Myra Catherine I would prefer it if you got your information from your sister's son. I understand that Paul Shew is your sister's son. I am not in contact with them.
4 years ago
janice anderson sorry but paul is my nephew by marriage and just followed up on.
information i had from my heritage
4 years ago
Raylene Williams Thank you for inviting me to your site. Cheers Raylene
2 years ago
Roger Mulholland Hi Janice, Have approved your request don't have you in my tree so not sure of your Adams connection. Mine are from Armidale/Uralla areas. George Edwin Adams married my grt g/mothers sister Ann Cox, and his grandson Melville married my first cousin Vida Vickery
2 years ago
janice anderson thank you roger, by the few names you have written here I don't think we are connected but I will have a look and get back to you. yours jan a
2 years ago
sonja manson hi Janice did send you my email address but not sure you received it. try this one
2 years ago
janice anderson ok Sonja, I did get it and I did invite you to my site but I will send again, thank you jana
2 years ago
Colleen Bell Janice could you please inform me how you are connected to my site
Thank you Colleen
2 years ago
Frederick Hayman hi Janice you are more than welcome on my site, if any of the families there are on your tree please feel free to extract info to add to your tree.
I have relations in S Australia but as yet I cannot see any My Heritage links with SA just Quensland.
278 days ago
janice anderson thank you frederick
277 days ago
Beverly Markham Hi Janice, please correct your EISER information. Gottfired Engelhard Kreiger and Johanetta Franziska Susanna EISER were never married. They are the parents of George Kreiger whose name was later changed to Georg Eiser, my GGrandfather.
Beverly Markham, nee EISER
Eiser researcher since 1964
221 days ago
TUBBY'S TOY sorry unable to show full family tree as part of tree, three other families are involved and we now value our privacy and we not have over three thousand smart again and we have completed over 140 for you
162 days ago
rosslyn miller Miller website has not found Mehlhose or born Marks?
Or Kunze? Or Wiechmann? Happy Christmas to you for your help to Rosslyn.
153 days ago