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Dawne Barker Sydney Carrington Barker Married to Minnie V M Harris. My birth father is one of his sons & his name is David John Barker who was 1st Married to an Annie Kearns untill devorced in 5th feb 1954 .They had nine children together. Then Married my Birth mother on 19th Jun1947 who is Isabella Agnes Gloria Fenwick Late Richardson kNOWN AS BARKER now BELL & they had 11 Chidren together. AS my mother all ready had twin boys one was stillborn. Hope this helps. Dawne.
5 years ago
Ken Witchard Many thanks Dawne for the info it may fill in a few holes for me. I have started work on a Witchard family book so I guess it will take some time for sure.
Many Thanks......Ken
5 years ago
Ken Witchard Back again Dawne do you have any other info on Sydney eg birth date or death dates etc where he was born as well as his wife. It will help tye up a few loose ends.
Many thanks....K
5 years ago
Melanie Bowden Hi Ken

You have Doreen Witchard listed on your tree as alive. She died in 1958. You're also still missing my Mum, Lesley, Doreen and Stanley's second eldest daughter.
4 years ago
Ken Witchard Back again Melanie sorry for the delay I just tried to send you a reply but everything dropped out. I have been away from the PC work for ages and I must appoligise for not updating things beofre. The only Doreen Witchard I have listed is married to a Bubby Cowle Can you please give me some more info to help out. I have tonight replaced my Gedcom file on the site as the old one was out of date. I must also pay my fee's and join the site properly.
I look forward to hearing from you soon. My email is
Bye for now......Ken
4 years ago
Jeff PITT Hi Ken - I think I had previously sent you some info on Hannah AVERY where your trees still record what I consider incorrect parentage of John AVERY and Hannah BOON. If you want the deeper research I have done I can send - my direct email is ...cheers, Jeff
2 years ago