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Alan Lashway I am wondering why you are searching my Mother's family (Helen Bessette)
5 years ago
Katherine Picard Hi Alan, If I am correct, your mother is my fourth cousin. My grandmother was Mable (Wagner) Schinse. I believe your mother was a Wagner too. My great great great great great grandfather was Moses Wagner son of John Wagonner. Moses had a brother Joseph who I think may be your GGGG grandfather. If I'm doing this right, we're related. If not, it was nice talking to you. Kathie
5 years ago
Alan Lashway actually it was my Maternal Grandmother that was a Wagner
5 years ago
Katherine Picard awesome. so we are related. isn't this fun finding family everywhere,. My great g g g grandfather John Wagonner was said to have come across Lake Champlain with his family to Vemont and settled here. I was born in Warwick RI and then moved her to Vermont 40+ years ago. I met my husband here and have raised a family. We are now empty nesters. Hope you don't mind me talking, I just love finding out that we are related and well I'm sure you get the picture. If you would like to, I would love to hear more about you and your family and we can talk about exactly how we are related. Maybe you have some stories you could share. I am visiting my Aunt in Rhode Island next week and will be talking to her about some things. My mother passed away in December 08, so my Aunt is my only connection with the past. Lets keep in touch if you want. Take care Katherine
5 years ago
Becky Yandow Lol disregard that MSG I just sent u! I totally spaced! Haha
5 years ago
Alan Lashway Sorry to take so long answering Katherine. Yes my Grand Mother was Dora Wagner one of the children of that large family out of Bakersfield. Leon, Cora, Bertha, Laura and many others that have slipped my mind were her siblings. I worked on my tree for many years and have found a few cousins and such that I never knew about. I live in Tucson, AZ now so it's hard to do any real digging from this distance. I'm glad to see your research is paying off for you, it's always great fun to find another branch just when you thought you were at a dead end....LOL
5 years ago
Elizabeth Flynn Katherine - My name is Elizabeth Flynn. I am married to John Brisson, son of Eugene Brisson. Eugene and one of his sisters - Marion, are in your family tree. They are two of several children of Wilfed Brisson and Mary Yandow. Their other children are Lorraine, Robert, Armand, Mary Ester, Eleanor, and Thelma. I think I have them all. So are we related?
3 years ago