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Andres Munoz Father is Guillermo 5-7-1918 Mexico DF, Mexico
Mother is Julieta 3-1-1918 Mexico DF, Mexico died 3-28-2005 in Mexico DF . I was born in Fresno, Ca 8-2-49
5 years ago
Javier Franco Today at 00:38
I know all of Jaral Procel are descendants of the "Tatita" Procel. My responsibility Procel Guadalupe branch which is my grandfather.
My grandfather Ramon Vargas Ruiz, he married his second wife, Concepcion Cardenas Procel, my grandmother and married to first wife, a relative of my grandmother, not whether sister or cousin, named Catherine, who was the mother of Fulgencio Vargas Procel, hero of the people and half brother of my father.
On the other side are Procel Carlos Garcia, husband of Esther aunt and your grandmother, not to that branch of the Procel belong.
I think if Mr. Andres Muñoz Procel gives us the middle name of his grandfather and his mother would be easier to find a relationship. Hector
5 years ago
Andres Munoz My grandfather, Francisco Lorenzo Procel, died in Mexico DF in 1978. His mother was Antonia Barrera and his father I think was also named Francisco Procel. His brothers and sisters were, Nicolas, Eva, Aurora, Luis, Maria Luisa, Miguel Angel
5 years ago