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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Jolly,Moran, Kerr, Smith(Dublin,Ireland)
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Noelene Lee Please advise me if I have some incorrect info. I am trying to make sure my tree has correct information. I know quite a few trees has information that differs to other smart matches.
Regards Noelene Lee
2 years ago
Geoff Moran Hi Noelene, if you can let me know, which information you are concerned about, I will check it out.If I post anything that's incorrect, it's certainly not on purpose. This whole process is not an exact science. Some people can't spell for a start & most of your work is constantly checking everything that you do.

Always happy to try to help.


Geoff Moran
2 years ago
Maxene Callister McHardy Hi Geoff, on my original tree it showed under Catherine Farquharson line that her mother Isobel Forbes's father is the wrong Arthur Forbes. The correct Arthur Forbes was married to Jean Dowall not Mary Duncan. This makes a huge difference to the Forbes line and the blue blood connection. I did not check the other family trees correctly at first and have been going over it and discovered this error. Please accept my apologies, at times it is very confusing and I do like to double check.
one year ago
Geoff Moran Thanks for the message Maxine. This tree is causing me grief, because the friend on whose behalf I am trying to do this, has very little information, further back than his Grandfather, one of the many John Farquharsons. This Mr Farquharson passed away in 1951 & we don't have anymore on the late Mrs Farquharson either. If anyone can help me get past that little piece of history, I will be a happy camper. I will make the changes in your message & look forward to seeing what happens.


one year ago
Shirley Woods Hi Geoff,
I've just checked the listings for Woods family; you have too many typos here, my G-Grandfather Samuel (Noah Martin) Wood changed his name after his marriage to Woods (with an "s" on the end of it because he was getting his mail mixed up with another Builder in Pt Lincoln) and all of the children were therefore called Woods. You've typos too for some of the names of my Grandmother's family - she was called Tralaggan. I will try to find more time to double-check the rest of your list to ensure there are no errors or names spelled incorrectly.
Good luck
Shirley Woods (formerly Greening - first marriage, after my first husband's death 3 years later I re-married and my surname for the last 37 years is Rohrlach.
237 days ago
Geoff Moran Thanks very much for the information Shirley. I have changed everything that I could find & will keep checking.You are welcome to send me anything else that you think is relevant. Cheers
237 days ago