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T Morse

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Chrystal Hoffman I am looking for my dad.
6 years ago
T Morse What makes you think he's your father? Did the picture look like him? I'm not saying it's not possible, he's been around A LOT, but he's never mentioned other family. Where would you fit into his life...his Florida years, his California years, his Texas years, his Arizona years, his Oregon years, his Ohio years!
I'm not looking to give you or him trouble or surprises.
T. Morse
6 years ago
Chrystal Hoffman I was conceived in Key West Florida back in 1971, I was born in Dec of 71. My mom was pregnant with me but I don't think he even knew knew she was pregnant. I've been talking to him on myspace. Are you a brother of his? I'm not wanting anything but to know my ancestry.
6 years ago