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Monica Jansson I think we are related a long way back. Håke (Håkan) Persson was my great great ... 7 generations back father
5 years ago
Barbro Lindeberg About Agnes and Elin Sundstrom.
Elins second name is Sofia
and Agnes is Maria.
They are my grandfathers sisters. But my grandfather was not my mothers father, he died when she was 5 and then my grandmother remarried Gustaf Sundström. But he was a very gentle man and I loved him much and for me he was my Grandfather.
Nice to hear from you sometime.
Barbro Lindeberg Sweden
4 years ago
Kjell Isaksson Hi Magda,
I think Johan Elg of your family tree and Johan Elg I have documented are the same person. He had a wife named Stina Elisabet Geschwind. I´ve got this information from Smart Matches but I have not confirmed this in old church books. There are info from old days. I´m not related to him but I have a relative Johan Isaksson (Elg) who went to USA about 1840-1850. I am sure they are not same persons. He was born in southern Sweden, not married while your Johan Elg is from north of Sweden.

Best regards Kjell Isaksson.
3 years ago
Bengt Linnarsson I think we are related through my grandmother Selma Paulina Hammarström, married to my grandfather Gustav Arvid Linnarsson. It's fun to following...
Best regards /Bengt Linnarsson
2 years ago
Laila Hurtig Hi everbody.
I´ve found a lot of "smart matches".
And as Monica Jansson wrote, Håke (Håkan) Person is related a long time back.
one year ago
Magda Louise Larson Great news!
one year ago
T500 Toner Hello, I have been surprised to see so many Swedish connections to my father William Guthrie McFarlane. I have no records of any of his relatives or any connections. Could you please let me know how he is connected to your tree. Thank you, Doreen
125 days ago
Magda Louise Larson Will see what I can find out - have you tried the new Search Connect feature?
124 days ago
Magda Louise Larson Nobody in my tree with that name.
124 days ago