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King-More Welcome to our family history! It's been interesting tracing the King, Cupp, Gent, Miller, More, Stoner (Steiner), Mitchell, Rutherford, Sullins, Kenady et. al. lines.

One thing that I personally found out is why east Tennessee called me here so strongly; I have ancestors from both sides of the family that lived here in the 1700's and 1800's, and one g-g-g-grandmother was born right here in Sullivan County, TN where I now live.

Another thing I learned is to NEVER complain about my first name again; I could have easily been named Jemima Beulah! lol


If you find errors or have additional information to share, please email me and I will update this site.
6 years ago
Robin King Hi Sue,
My middle name is Deane.
Shawn and Shannon's maiden name was Musgrove (not King)
6 years ago
King-More Thank you, I shall correct these!
6 years ago