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Ginger Ohlman Anne, my name is Ginger and we seem to have some commen ancestors on's in the Schram and buckendorf line. Elizabeth C. Schramm is my 4x's great grandmother her father Jacob Schramm is my 5x's great grandfather...from Osterath Germany. Do you see this connection on your genealogy? It would be great to share information. thanks
3 years ago
Anne Hi Ginger
At this point, all I know about the Schrams is that I'm descended from Marie Schram. Her parents were Peter Schram and Catherine Buckendorf. Something happened though and she was raised by the Jaegers family. I'm not sure how that fits in with Jacob or Elizabeth, at least not yet.
3 years ago
Ginger Ohlman Hi Anne, I believe Peter Schram and Elizabeth C. Schram were siblings, and their father was P. Jacob Schram. If they are indeed the same family, we are cousins....I will do a little more checking. i'd love to stay in touch and maybe we can share our genealogy info, my email address is If you provide yours, I can invite you to my site if you're interested. thanks.
3 years ago
Ginger Ohlman Confirmed. And I've figured out why Marie Schram was raised by the Jaegers...Peter Schramm (her father) died at the age of 29, (a yr after his son Jacob died and 5 mo's after his daughter Marie was born)....his widow Catherine then married Francis Peter Jaegers (4 mo's after her husband Peter died)...

I have read that Marie Schramm and William Nigles had 16 children, most probably died at birth as I can only confirm about 1/2 of that.
3 years ago