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Shirley M. Graham Christine, you and my husband are related. He is the grandson of James Wm. Graham the brother of Ransles Graham, the sons of Amos A. Graham.
4 years ago
Christine Graham Olsen I had a feeling we were related, but I didn't know how. There are so many common names between our trees. Thanks for telling me.
4 years ago
James Adams Christine; I am a great grandson of Anderson Graham who was married to Malinda Lilly. I have encountered a problem with her mother Nancy Jane Soulsbury who married Pleasant Lilly the father of her children, when she was 70 years in Raleigh county WVa. My problem is Nancy's name. Her father was listed as Thomas Shrewsbury, but part of his children were listed as Shrewsbury and some as Solesbury. Have you run into anything, that would explain this.
4 years ago
Christine Graham Olsen That is a mystery that nobody has been able to solve. However, my hunch is that Solesbury is a middle name and Shrewsberry is the last name. If you are interested, here is a genealogy tree for that family:
Good luck with your search.
4 years ago
Hermie Evans Hi, i got a match to you...would like to find out how much and more about the family e-mail address is also have a family tree on Thank you!
4 years ago
Garnet Lou Magsamen Hello Christine, Still trying to determine how we are related. Haven't been working on family tree for a while.
3 years ago
Rebekah Anne Hi
My mom and I are interested in our family history and I was
Just curious if we are related
Hubert Brower and Ann had Christian,Henry and Johann John Brower and 2 girls and John had Adam Brower 1763~1822
Adam Brower and Katherine Pruitt had a lot of kids and grandkids

If you don't know hopefully you can find out
Hope to hear back from you
one year ago