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Mary Wooderson Saw the tribute to Rugby.He was married to a Black eh?His wife Ginger was a Craig.Craigs,Hustlers and Gaskills all close cousins to each and us too,Mary
PS Also did you know Uncle Morks died in April.Seeing the message for Rugby,reminded me to tell you about Uncle Morks,
5 years ago
Ernest Ray Yeoman Ken - my mum was Black & married George Ernest Yeoman. Can you please change the surname spelling on your Yeoman from Yoe to Yeo - thanks Erny Yeoman
5 years ago
Ken Black Thankyou so much for that, we have changed it right now and would like to know if you would like to be a member of our site? And if there is anything else that you can correct or add it would be most appreciated. Regards, Ken and Chrissy
5 years ago
Corinne Parkinson Have to find out where you fit into the extremely large Parkinson lot. I am from the John line, through son James Henry, Edmund Walter, Vivian, Me. Now live in Qld. Greta to see the family being extended.
5 years ago
Ken Black Hi Corinne,
My Grandfather was Boris (Te Para) Black and his sister Mary (Mere) married Stewart Herbert Parkinson 1907. I'm going to send you an invite to our tree so that you will be able to check out the other connections and download any photos you might like.
Regards Ken and Chrissy
5 years ago
Corinne Parkinson Hi Kenneth,
We saw with surprise all these photos of Maori people on your website. We went to a Reunion of our Faulkner family in 2004 in Tauranga and the elders were extremely negative about even a family tree on the wall or photos of a gravestone, leave alone pictures of people. Things may have changed a lot?
Ted and Corinne
4 years ago
Mary Wooderson Hey Corinne,some of the older ones are fairly rigid about sharing the family trees(whakapapa)but my generation ,60s are well aware that because many family members have travelled afar,eg us in Oz that our grandchildren are growing up in foreign lands with no access to their histories
4 years ago