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Michael Edward Lee Jane Vail Johnson
Lori, Jane is my 2nd Great Grand Aunt in law, and as you no doubt know, the Great Grand Mother of President Harold B. Lee.  I have considerable on Samuel Lee, mostly  from a book published in 1989, which you probably have also.  What a fella Samuel was walking the entire trip to SLC at 76 years old!  Interesting enough, he apparently was raised by the same group of Quakers that my wife's patriachal line, the Hinshaw family, belonged to; many of them moving from Tyrone County, Ireland.  I don't have any information on the Lee line further back than William Leigh DOB 10 Oct 1687, except his father's name Edward., but that's it.   Do you?  I've been meaning to get back into it, mostly writing family history on my Lee line for 12 generations (starting with myself).  Every time I do this something tries to get in the way, but I've accumulated quite a lot of info, pictures, documents, etc., but a long ways to go to have it worthy of them.  Somebody is pushing me to complete it before this generation is over.   We live in Kelowna, BC, but were raised in Oregon, and have lived in a number of places.  Before moving here 21 years ago (to "settle down") we were based in England, and finally sold our home there just 4 years ago after almost 30 years.  The end of another volumn (England).   However, there is another adventure around the corner, so I'm advised, and perhaps the next base of operation will be east of Spokane, Washington; who knows.  Write me direct at for now
8 years ago
Charity K Samora Jane Vail Johnson
Jane is in my database.  However, somewhere over the last few years the connection between me and her has disappeared.  Hopefully working with you we can find it again.Sincerely, Charity
8 years ago