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Immediate family

<Private> Berry [ 26th Generation
Sue Berry [ Twins [27th Generation
Gloria Ann Berry [27th Generation
<Private> Owen (born Berry [27th Generation)
<Private> Berry 27th.Generation
<Private> Berry 27th.Generation
<Private> Berry 27th.Generation
<Private> Smith (born Berry [27th Generation)
<Private> Berry [27th Generation
<Private> Handley (born Berry [ 27th Generation)
walter.Tasman Monks colleen Berry Father
Maisie. Agnes Monks colleen Berry Mother (born Briers)
Walter.Robert Monks
Joan.Rosemary Webberley (born Monks)
Trevor .Baden. Monks
Peter.Tasman Monks
<Private> Monks
<Private> Berry (born Monks)
Jenni morgan Hi Colleen, we are really interested in any connection between our family trees if you are able to shed any light on that please.
2 years ago
colleen berry Hi Jenni I will see what I have in the family tree .Colleen.Berry
2 years ago
Reg Ogden Hi Colleen. What is the connection between your tree and mine?
one year ago
Shirley Clarke What is our connection. SHIRLEY Clarke
one year ago
colleen berry My connection is the familys of Rainbird.Oakley.O.keefe. best regards colleen Berry
one year ago
Robert Dalziel Hi Coleen What is the connection between yours and mine
349 days ago
colleen berry Hi Robert .My connection is from the John. Yuill B 1660. from Scotland Family Tree one of his descendant came out as a minister.John Youl.B.1773.Married .Jane.Loder.b.1773 arrived in Tasmania and they had 9 Children and they married into some of my relations .Yuill name changed down the family tree and came to be known as Youl. regards colleen
348 days ago
Unknown Hello Colleen I'm not really sure of our connection with my family tree, I was born the same yr as you and I did know a Colleen Monks I did see Trevor Monks I lived across the Rd in Fletcher Avenue from Colin and Gwenny Monks my darling late Mum was a great friend Nora Norn (Elinor) Gordon - I've been having Monksberry heritage coming in for several yr. we my hubby Gordi Burnett and I went out for a while and are now back I just want to know if there's a relationahip with my Newitt's/Bellett Crane family we're very big and I would like to know where thanks Gail Ellen Burnett(nee Gordon)
243 days ago
colleen berry Hi Gail Yes you do known me Gwen .Colin Monks is my Aunty &uncle I used go and visit them all the time and hang out with Mary I not sure were the connection are with are Family until I look into Please keep in touch Colleen Berry Nee Monks
241 days ago
Isaac Morgan What is our connection with our family Colleen??? Morgan site
178 days ago
colleen berry Hi Isaac I am related by Family connection of Richard Morgan convict from England sent out to Australia 1st Fleet and then sent to Norfork Island.Colleen Berry
177 days ago
Barbara Ohlson Hi Colleen, i have been trying to figure out how we are connected in the family tree but as im new to this i am having trouble figuring it out, can you help. Thank you very much. Barbara Black nee Ohlson
120 days ago
colleen berry I Barbara I am not sure just at this moment I would have go thru my files and see And I will get back to you colleen
120 days ago
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