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bernadette michelle folesi hi, re Leslie Norman Inwood, I am unsure of a match with this ancestor, and can neither confirm or otherwise. If you have more details i.e. his spouse regards Berni Cleaver
4 years ago
Fred Greenaway Hi Berni:

I added some more to this though it is not my close relative. I added spouse and children.

4 years ago
Toni Fowler Hi, re Brunings.. you have matches for some of the members of my tree.. can you tell me how this comes about please.
4 years ago
Fred Greenaway it's an Inwood, Grooby, Goodman connection
4 years ago
Wayne Ayres Hi Fred, I have just join a McMillan tree which you are a member so are you researching the name McMillan as my mother comes from a McMillan Family from Skipton Victoria I haven't done much as McMillan family is far and wide so If you come across Agnes.McMillan in your search would be much appreciate if you let me know.
Regards Wayne.Ayres.(Ayers)
2 years ago
Warren C. O. Power Hi Fred,

Curious. Tracing my MtDNA I am back to Sarah GREENAWAY, born in 1779 in Ramsbury, Wiltshire, England. Wondering if she might be in your tree too?


Warren C. O. Power
2 years ago
Rhondda Hi Fred, Just wanting to know how you are connected in my family tree please - McFarlane-Jones
2 years ago
Valerie Hallinan Hi Fred ,just wondering your connection to our family tree Val Hallinan
2 years ago
Jane Donovan Im wondering how my mother and father's families are joined in your tree. Am I missing something? Will I be saying 'duh!' soon?
296 days ago