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Robert Mount Ms Barrett, I don't know the relationship in your family which made you run into the John Henry Mount, my great-grandfather, and whom I was old enough to know and whom I was pretty close to as a teenager. I have given you entry to our family site if you are interested or if it may be of use to you in your search for your family history. R. Scott Mount.... R is for Robert, but my grandparents never called him Bob, always Robert, so I was given his first name, he hated his middle name, and was called Scott all my life.
5 years ago
Amy Lynn Barrett Hi Robert
The Mounts are related Storments which connect to smiths which connect to Gumms. My aunt Jackie was married to Dean Gumm at one time. I keep the family connections in our site because of my cousins requests that I track this side of their family as well. You are welcome to any info you can find on the site. I'm glad to see you can fill in some blanks for me as well. Thanks, Amy
5 years ago
Robert Mount Amy Lynn Barrett, would that be the Storments from north of Dix, IL? The Storment Sisters were singers, very good at it too! Scott P.S. Could you perhaps let me know about that, I remember Sydney Storment a close friend, (cousin?) to Lynn Riley, my 1st cousin. Just very curious. After that, if it is no, take me off your list if you know how. I don't need to be on your families list. None of my business. Again, Scott Mount Thanks either way.
5 years ago
Amy Lynn Barrett Where we connect was Minnie Belle Storment who married Leslie Smith. She was from Kell Illinois, I believe.
5 years ago
<unknown> Michelle We were connected beacause Minnie Belle stroment who married Leslie Smith is my great grandfather Josephine is my grandmother I know nothing of the storment side.
5 years ago
Marilyn Gallagher Lillie Belle Howland was my mother-in-law. She lived to be 102 years old. She and George Floyd Howland raised eight children to adulthood.George Elmer was the oldest, he had been married for a time, but it was when he was older, and he had stepchildren, but no children of his own.
Oscar was the second oldest, he married Olive Stoner, and they had Jerry, Betty,Diane, Lois, Shirley and Raymond.
Olive married John Swanson, and they had Jack, Carol, Barbara and Ronald.
Bob married Geniveve Thompson, and they had Howard, James, Judy, Peggy and Mike,
Betty married Howard Thompson,and they had Tom, Dorothy and Jane.
Ronald Howland never married.
Edith married Clyde Dimmick, and they had Sherri and Ann.
James married Marilyn Miller, and they had Cindy, John(Danny) and Jim.
4 years ago