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Charles Harold (Hal) Coulson

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Genealogy surnames I am researching:Coulson. Barnes, Bramdel, Fox
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Joan Senger Hi Charles,

I have not been able to work on my Family Tree for some time because of health reasons.
The photo you have for Magdalena Grimm is not correct.
This is not my grandmother. Her husband was Joseph but
not the photo you have either. The photo you have for Anton Senger is not my father Anton (Tony) either.
2 years ago
Charles Harold (Hal) Coulson Thanks Joan, I'll get that corrected. I hope your health has improved.
2 years ago
Marilyn Crosbie Albert Moore Bestwick was born on July 27, 1901 in Kalgoorlie, Australia when his parents were working there.His father was a engineer in gold mines. He grew up in Rossland, BC (note the name). His uncle moved to Kamloops and there is crescent named Bestwick in Kamloops where the Rosses also lived for a full generation. Makes one wonder if they have met. So when Bert died in 1968, he was 66 years old.
one year ago
Marilyn Crosbie Hi again, Hal. There was one photo that you put as being of Earle, Bev, and "Shirl" but I am 99.99% sure it was on Tommy, not my mother. My mom was not born in 1923 and you posted that the photo was from 1923. The birth order was Earle, Bev, Robert (Tommy), Shirley, Larry, Betty, and Billy.
one year ago
Marilyn Crosbie Hal, I see that I erroneously put a lot of Anthony stuff on my Crosbie site. Not sure I want all of that there. Going to put it all on my Anthony site and decide later what I want to do with the Crosbie part of things.
one year ago