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Solange Aparecida Alves de Souza bem vindo,espero poder ajudar.

5 years ago
Manfred Konradt I don`t know him
5 years ago
Karl Johnson Hi,
I know you though as my family was Wiegenstein and Konradt was linked with Wiegenstein and Witte, Hulsman, etc.
5 years ago
George Gast Stradtman, Jr. Can't find any relationship to people in my family tree.
5 years ago
Jennifer Hetrick Hello~
I noticed some familiar names in your Mendel family tree during the Smart Match process. Reinhard and Esther Weidauer, as well as Ebenezer Lyon. The funny thing is that Ebenezer is a direct ancestor on my mother's side, and Reinhard is a distant uncle on my father's side. I was hoping you might offer more info on how Reinhard/Esther are related to Ebenezer. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Jennifer
5 years ago
Jill Ryan My Grandpa is your MENDEL Web Site. What is the MENDEL site that you manage? I'm just starting on this website, but hope to input more information soon!
5 years ago
amy housel Hello! i just started on here and saw that my grandfather was on the mendel site too he was George Clayton Housel and my grandmother was Emma Catherine (Christner) Housel. I was just wondering the same thing as Jill
5 years ago
Unknown Hello, noticed some familiar names in your Mendel family tree during the Smart Match process. Also my name and the names of my parents and parents in-law.
I ask you to let my know me the connection (associaton) between you and me and my family, but you can not do that. There exist none connexion between yo and my and my family.
If you no related to my family, why do you notice (enter) my data on your website. In the Netherlands, this not done, its privé (privately).
Bé Langenburg, Emmen, the Netherlands.
5 years ago
Melinda Sommerlund I see that you have my Great Grandmother, Mahalia Henrietta Beam, and relatives in your family tree. I would be glad to share information with you, please contact me.
5 years ago
Christina Gornto Hello Karl! I see threw the smart match we are related, and you have information I do not. I would love to share information. I know very little of the Court family and other than my grandfather and aunts and uncles he spawned, I have never met a Court. I would very much like to know from whom and where my blood comes from,and meet a few of them along the way. please email Hope to hear from you soon.
5 years ago
Deloris Bailey About John Heny Bailey----My Grandfather was Warren Handcock Bailey. Did you know John was a blacksmith?
5 years ago
Karl Johnson Yes, I did hear that he was a Blacksmth. I was one too.
5 years ago
Slaughter Please let me know were your clifford was born and where did he live. I would like to confirm.
5 years ago
Unknown Today at 9:04 am
I was wondering if you have information you would be willing to share about the Ahart family. I am a descendant of Anna Katherina Ahart, she was my great grandmother.
I see that you have reference number/notes and wondered if you had information that would be of interest to our family.

I also wondered if you would be willing to allow me to be a guest to your website and access it.
Thank you, Marilyn Rohlf
5 years ago
Jackie Zelner I am researching my husbands family on his grandmothers side (Westwood). Smart matches have some matches for John Isaiah westwood wife Mary Ann Westwood Gill children Frank, Joseph Daniel, William, Eva, Emma, & Clara. I would be interested to see if there reaqlly is a match and sahre infromation.
4 years ago
Bonnie Hughes Related to me.
4 years ago
Angela Gariepy Hello - I see you have an Albert Deiter listed on your MENDEL site family tree. I am trying to confirm whether or not that is the same Albert Deiter that was my grandfather and find the source you used for his parents (Albrid Deiter and Margaretta Listel). Any help you can supply would be greatly appreciated!!! I hope to hear from you soon. Please email
4 years ago
Zachary Green Hello. I saw we have a relative in common and that is Charles D. Ellis. He is my great-grandfather and if you could help me with any other information you have I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
4 years ago
ANITA LaTORELLA Hi Karl... another 'smart match' contact.... seems we are related through the Youst connection and I am working in that area now. Could we exchange info? Is there anything I can do to help you?
4 years ago
edwin jay shaw hi karl: i connect to william and ann marie thru their daughter elizabeth who in turn m benjamin johnson. i have found no info on his ancestors. i descend thru their grgd anna johnson who married jonas l hann(no relation).
ed shaw
4 years ago
Maren Eckert born Simon Hi,
since a few days I try to get the membership of the MENDEL Web Site, but I have got no answer until now. What is the problem?!
I have found many persons of my family in this pages!
I hope, I will get a answer!!!!
Maren Eckert
(granddaughter from Alexander Simon)
4 years ago
Doris Way I am trying to find some more information about my greatgrandfather is name is Harvey Alexander Sweeney I need information on his side of the family
4 years ago
Marijke Zoutman Hi Karl,

I m connect to the family Geerts(e)ma i am curious what your link is to my family and maybe i can help you?
Marijke Zoutman (NL)
4 years ago
Helma Hello,
I saw your Mendel-site and we have a lot of smart-matches together, so I was wondering what your connection is with the Kievit-family? Can we be of any help to eachother?
Helma Gielen
4 years ago
chris moore Hi Karl,how are you related to the Ludwigs? Charles Sr. was my 2nd great grandfather,and I sent a request several months ago but haven't got a response. My email is
4 years ago
charlotte francisco Hi Karl, I seen you have the Qua"s in your family tree.My mother was born Susan Qua. She had told us about her Mother and Father. SO we wanted to start a family tree to find out more about my mothers side.Her and her brother grew up together and my aunt Lynn went to another family. my sister keeps in touch with my aunt lynn
4 years ago
BUD WETZEL Hi Karl i have some of the same family as you Wetzel's, Hanna's and Glaspell's I'm Bud Wetzel
4 years ago
Francis Ziebel HI Karl

I sei in search of ZIEBEL Nicolas,born the 06/11/1860 Tieffenbach,France,brother of my grand fatherwho went to the Unuted States,and who liwed in Chicago.
Can you confirm it is the some personn you have in your family tree.
It would be wery usefuld

Thanking you in advence
4 years ago
Kimberly Johnston-Jennings Hi Karl
My grandma was Anna Hannan I noticed on your tree.
4 years ago
Gordon McIntosh Hi Yori,
I see you have Curry matches with my McIntosh site. Curry was my Mother's Maternal Line. The Curry Family were farmers in Hexhamshire in Northumberland. I see also you have matches with the Crawford family in NZ which I am also linked with . I have also links with the Netherlands as my Great Uncle David James married Eva Van Der Sluis in Rotterdam.
Regards Gordon
4 years ago
Tanya Macdonald How are you connected to John & Jean Woodley (Nee Kelly).?
4 years ago
Vickie Johnson Hello Karl, 213 days ago I read that Edwin Jay Shaw
sent you a message and mentioned “Anna Johnson who Married Jonas.” This is his message:
"edwin jay shaw hi karl: i connect to william and ann marie thru their daughter elizabeth who in turn m benjamin johnson. i have found no info on his ancestors. i descend thru their grgd anna johnson who married jonas l hann(no relation). ed shaw"
I am searching for any info on my maternal grandfather’s family. His mother was Bettie Katherine Johnson and her father was Jonas Johnson. If you have any info or know of any way I can find info about them please let me know. Thank you Vickie Summer (Johnson website)
4 years ago
Сергей Цебро Theodor BATIUK & Anna Batiuchek (Dworce) in My tree and Your MENDEL Web Site - is it confirmed?
3 years ago
Jannie Boerma-Groeneveld Hello Karl, In what way are you related to Anne Bakker born in 1903 In Emmen and died in 1920 in Emmen. His parents are Willem Bakker and Jenke Buist.
3 years ago
Leon Dalskov Aabentoft Why don't you answer my mail's - how are you related to the Egler family ???
3 years ago
Harry McDaniel I just found my great grand parents on your tree, Granville Louis McDaniel and Mary Ellen (Neeley) McDaniel. I would appreciate any info dob, dod ect. I also see that you may even have their parents names but are showing up as private. Please contact me at e-mail (
Thank you
Harry T McDaniel
3 years ago
Irene Prins hello Karl,
My husband Gary Neff showed as a relative to you. Is there some way I can access your site.
I have worked on his family tree which has taken me to the USA.
I would love to find out more. Thanks, Irene Neff
3 years ago
Catherine Compton We had a smart match of Rebecca Jane Cooley born Brees. I am of the Cooley family. Do you have an information on Rebecca's husband 'William Henry Cooley'?
I would like to hear from you since we have a connection
Catherine (Cooley) Compton
3 years ago
Richard Mullee Hi. I am trying to figure out where I am related, My Name is Richard Mullee, and My Grand Mother is Born a Bechtel. My Aunt is Violet Mullee, Born a to a Carl Johnson
3 years ago
adriaan de Kater Hello Karl,
Where fits Anna Vos-Detmers, married to Tiemen Vos in in your familytree. They both were the grandparents of my wife Pauli whose familyname is Vos
3 years ago
Cheryl Myers Hi Flora Matilda Moore is my great Great Grandma her daughter was Mable Moore she married Thomas Rose and thier Daughter was Mildred Rose and Estelle Myers Married and thay had 3 Children one of them is my father, do you maybe know other things on this side of the Famile and in what kind of way do you stay to Flora Matilda Moore.?
3 years ago
Elizabeth French Hello, We have several common relatives. I am from the French Family from the Owen Sound area of Ontario.
3 years ago
Pamela Baar Hi, I see by matches that your tree has family I am researching from the Netherlands. The surname Baar. Could I please have access to review your tree. I havent paid so I only have a small amount of information but i'm willing to let you see what I have put together on (not paid member). Anyone researching this line can contact me at pmsnds @ bellsouth. net (just delete spaces)
3 years ago
Phyllis Haynes If you want confirmation of the people listed as Hazel Clark, Helen Clark and etc, post your info on the matches. If you have the same Helen's, and Hazel's then I suggest you make it public knowledge as has everyone else.
3 years ago
Juliusz Sworakowski Hello,
While working on the genealogy of my maternal ancestors I discovered 22 matches between my family tree and the one published on the MENDEL web site. I am particularly interested in tracing descendants of Johann Schlamp (1878-1939) from his first marriage (with Wilhelmine Ganz). Can anybody help me?
2 years ago
Pauline Middelveld Hi Karl i am intersted to know your link to my family. my maternal grandmother is Ethel amy Stephenson (nee Drummond). thanks
2 years ago
Ingela Jag vill att du rättar upp dit reg innan ok. Jag har ok ändå men nekat några där för mycket ej stämde. Om du ok som reg idag ser ut förstör du mitt, tack på förhand
2 years ago
Lynne TRENKLER I added info to the site for my father John Abraham Shanebrook and saw that you added correct information about him. Are you related?
2 years ago
Frank Stebner Hi Yori
I have 16 matches with your family website. May I get access to your site? Frank Stebner
2 years ago
Cathy M Ryan Grandma is turning 100 in June, PLEASE add me. I'd like to see what you have on her side. I'm trying to get this finished, printed and on computer for her bday party. Thanks
one year ago
marlene doll Hi Karl I would like to know if you know any more info on Samuel Hambelton. George john Hamilton
one year ago
alice lubbers Hi Karl i am intersted to know your link to my family. lubbers/hees
and lubbers/krikken. thanks
one year ago
Tamera Sue Bruce Boggess family match.
one year ago
Ross Jackson looking for access Hensels is wifes maiden name
one year ago
Joel Nathan Re Abraham Jacob Friedman

how does he fit into your tree? He is my grandfather.
Please write me at
one year ago
Robert L Philyaw He was my Grandfather.Bob
one year ago
Richard Heemskerk Child
Delia de Mooij, born on November 7, 1863 in Rijnsburg, residing in huis no 205c
Deceased Death on October 8, 1864
Delia de Mooij, born in Rhijnsburg, 11 months old, residing in Rhijnsburg
one year ago
Richard Heemskerk On the earlier post take the "s" out of https. I removed it from this one already
Delia de Mooij, born on February 26, 1853 in Rijnsburg

Death on September 23, 1858 in Rijnsburg
Delia de Mooij, born in Rijnsburg, 5 years old, residing in Rijnsburg, no profession
one year ago
VMS I have rejected a number of your matches with the Shumate family. I agree with names of the children of Charles Reed and Nancy Shumate Reed, but I disagree with the parentage of both of these individuals. I have communicated with a 4th ggrandson of Burgot Reed and he stated that Burgot had NO son by the name of Charles and I believe Charles was the son of James Reed. John Shumate had only one wife and that was Sarah Sally Milbourn. Rachel Gibson did marry a John Shumate, but it was the Greenbriar John Shumate and I have a copy of their marriage consent. They stayed in VA. Sarah Wolfenbarger married John Shoemaker and I have a copy of their marriage document. They were both of German heritage and moved to Illinois. Sarah Sally Milbourn and John Shumate married in 1807, moved to Jackson Co., OH by 1820 and lived there until his death c. 1837 when she remarried and lived to the age of 80+. I'm happy to share my research
324 days ago
Madeleine Schmidt I found a match on the Schachner Family. Is someone related to them, Josef Schachner born in Hettingen Baden Germany?
Regards, Madeleine PalaciosM.
322 days ago
Tarushka The fact that you are a member of nearly 1450 family sites is worrisome, even if you are a professional genealogist. I'll definitely be more careful not to readily give out personal genealogical information in the future.
276 days ago
Tarushka Plus you have different names on MyHeritage with the same personal info and photo!
276 days ago
Geert Muijen Hi Karl, What is the connection between oure family

greating Geert
262 days ago
Arno Mulleneers My family Mother Side Comes from Outmayer , blomberg , i didn't know i have Jiddisch blood , but it feels good.
213 days ago
Niek - Jan Brouwer Bedank dat je lid bent geworden van mijn site, helaas staan er zo'n 600 match open. ik hoop dat je deze ook een keer bevestigd, dan kan ik ook weer veder.
Met vriendelijke groet, Niek Brouwer
141 days ago
Brenda Dawson Brenda Johnson Dawson have been trying to research my father's family. My dad was David Oscar Johnson of Arkansas. My grandfather was Dick Hy Johnson, my great grandfather was Calvin Johnson, great great grandfather Brittian Johnson and great great great William Johnson.
all contected to Petty, Bruton, Johnson, Witherspoon and several others.
137 days ago
Frances Perry My grandmother was Lillie Frances Clawson who married Luther Augustus Perry, Sr. I see where she is in your family tree and I wondered what the relationship is and if you know anything more about her parents other that Charles Clawson came from Sweden and Mary Louise Donovan came from Ireland.
Thank you
Frances Perry Callaghan
134 days ago
Jakob Frie Hi Karl,
I have the same question as a lot of people: what's the connection to my family? The familyname is Jagt. I got some matches from your family tree to my grandparents.
Jakob Frie, Bovensmilde, The Netherlands
117 days ago
Agnes Watkins I'm looking for sources on yours Myers connections, particularly Abraham Myers and his parents. I think I know where he was buried (he's my gggrandfather) and it is different from your location, so I'm wondering if it is the same person.
He has been a long-standing brick wall, so I'd be delighted if you are right.
56 days ago
Romuald Miller Hello,
From Mendel Family tree got smart match
About my GGgrandparents
a. Jokob Müller born 16-05-1822
b. his wife Anna Hauser, born 27-01-1827
Both in Brzozów, Tomaszów- what is now in Poland
In my family there is a story circulated that
Jakob as 13 year old boy together with his parents
emigrated to Poland from Esslingen am Neckar
They settled as farmers in Brzozów, gmina (commune) Rzeczyce near Tomaszów
Then, this part of Poland territory was seized by Russia
Would you be so kind to tell me:
1. Where did you get date and place of birth from?
2. Is there any more information about my GGgrandparents available?
Please reply to
55 days ago
Johnlene Morris mendal famly also in my anstery just not sure how its connected as my mother was born a hoffman
17 days ago