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Robert Krimmel Jr. Robert Krimmel (me) born in 1948 has no middle name. Donald is the middle name of younger brother Richard Donald Krimmel
5 years ago
Tim Wiest Thank you so much! If you see anything else you can correct for me, or if you have information about your famiy that I can include that you would be willing to share, please let me know.
5 years ago
Robert Krimmel Jr. How are you connected to the Downers or Krimmels. My son and I will be traveling to the town of Downer, to the family cemetary where my grandparents are buried and will check on names and dates on the stones.
5 years ago
Peter D. Jones, IV Hi Tim--the site has me (Peter IV) as my dad, Peter III). Not sure how that happened. Thanks!
4 years ago
Frank Juvik Dear Tom Wiest
My name is Frank Juvik and I am a Norwegian who grew up outside Oslo, the Norwegian capital. I'm like you interested in genealogy, and I see that we have the same roots. 24. April 1894 left a 21-year-old woman Oslo and went to New York by the ship named Montebello. In the US Anna Helene Hansen Ask met a man named Hans Jørgen (Jorgen) Eugene Josephsen. Hans Jørgen (Jorgen) left Oslo two years earlier, 26 May 1892.
Anna and Hans married and got at last 9 children together and the rest of the American story, you know your self.
But who was Anna Helene? Her parents were Anna Kristine Hansdatter Ask (02.10.1842 - 09.19.1912) and Hans Jørgen (Jorgen) Ask (02.07.1841-1909). Anna Kristine had a brother named Martin Hansen Ask and
Martin was my great grandfather. One of Martin's daughters named Anna Martinsdatter Ask was married to Andreas Thorsrud. Their oldest daughter named Berta Elise Thorsrud married Oskar Fjeld. Berta and Oskar had two daughters and a son. One daughter was Reidun Fjeld and March 1, 1952 she married Godtfred Juvik. Reidun and Godtfred are my parents, and after my sister was born in 2nd July 1952, I was born 9 March 1954.
My sister Iren Margareth Baltzersen died of lung cancer 7 February 2012, only 59 years old. (non-smoker)
I am myself an emigrant and living a part of the year in Norway and some part of the year in Santa Fe, America. But my America is not USA but Argentina, and my Santa Fe is not the capital of New Mexico, but the capital of the province of Santa Fe, Argentina, about 600 kilometers west of Buenos Aires.
You are welcome to be my friend on facebook where you can see who me and my wife Daniela Gomez are, and how we live here in Argentina.
I hope we can give each other a lot of information about our common history and also who we are in today and what we do and what we are concerned about.
Best regards from Frank and Daniela
3 years ago
Frank Juvik My mailadres is:
3 years ago
JoAnn Duvall Tim,

Eleanor (Quigley) Weist lives in Sewell, NJ, is she in our lineage. My her 80's. I would love to meet her of its possible.

87 days ago