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Henrik Tauber Lassen Re. Severin Thomas Pedersen Langballe.
The Sereverin as shown by my slægtsbog is born 1827 (i.e. not in 1837). He was born in Øsløs Sogn Vester-Han district (herred)-Thisted County (Amt). See kirkebogen from Øsløs Church (born men 16 March 1827) State Archives Online (AO) reference C\100\A\003\K01-17A. I can find no Severin in Tømmerby in 1837. On the other hand, there exists a Mads Andreas Hendriksen son of Hendrik Thomsen Langballe. This Mads is born 26 December 1837. I do not know something closer to the Mads genus. AO REF.: C099\A\004\K02-02-A. You are welcome to email me, if you have any further questions.
m.v.h. Henrik Tauber Lassen ( .
4 years ago
Sissel Irene Hansen Hei. Er vi i slekt? Jeg ser vi har noen like treff :)
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