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peter phillips Thanks for your invite, which I am delighted to accept. Although 2 years apart we nearly share a birth date I was born 10 Sept 1932. Shirley says you look just your dad. Regret we dont know whether he has passed on or not. Last year was a disastrous one for the demise of Shirley's aunts and uncles on both her mum and dads side of the family. As you are no doubt aware they both passed on a good while ago. Talking about photos I am relatively new to this lark so if you can advise me I will see what I can do.
Go well Peter
4 years ago
peter phillips Hi James I just remembered I forgot to as are you on Skype
4 years ago
James Carroll Both my parents died some time ago, my mother in 1948 and my father in 1960. My youngest brother, Kevin, died about 2002.
I am no expert but if I can assist in any way I will.
With regard to photographs- if you have photographs on you computer you can upload them by going on to My heritage site and following the instructions.
I will keep in touch although I warn you that I am not the world's best correspondent. I will try to do better.
4 years ago