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Jessie Alvin Dykes

Joined:September 7 2009 (6 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Dykes,Darty Cagle
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James Nelson Darty Looks like the dykes and brocks, Ingle have a lot in common
5 years ago
James Nelson Darty Also look at Joseph Nelson Darty website on my hertiage
5 years ago
Jessie Alvin Dykes Thank you for acceting me and my tree we are Family more than one ha!
5 years ago
Jessie Alvin Dykes Its Jessie Alvin Dykes
5 years ago
James Darty I see Virgil Clarence Cagle also in your tree he married my Aunt Marie Darty. We called him Red all the time. unfortunately he drank a lot and that messed up his family. Marie divorced him later on but he kids didn't except for Mary Jean Cagle. I also have a picture of Noah Candia. When are you going to post a pic of Bonnie ?
5 years ago
Jessie Alvin Dykes At this monent I'm moving to utah I will try to put a pic of her when i unpack my records nice hearing from your cus jessie
5 years ago
Jessie Alvin Dykes Marie is my aunt to
5 years ago
Pergia Dykes Your Bertha Dykes is not the same one in my web site.
2 years ago