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Michelle Ruane (Gallagher) Hi there!

John's Kian is spelt with a K! (DOB 24 Jul 2003)
Catherine's DOB is 01/11/2001
Niamh's is 24/11/2005
Seán's is 01/10/2003
Laoise's is 25/11/2006
Ed's is 27/11/1966
Our date of Marriage is 09/09/2000

I tried to amend the above from here but couldn't!

Well done. I have a good bit of family tree info on our old computer but I need to boot it up and print it off!
Talk to you soon
6 years ago
Fionan O'Healai Cool thanks. I'll got onto that straight away. I think you can issue your own invitations onto the site so if you want to explore the Gallagher or Ruane lines go ahead and fill in the details. If that doesn't work you can send them to me.
6 years ago
Michelle Ruane (Gallagher) HI there
I had Niamh's DOB wrong (worst Auntie ever!!) it's 3rd November!!

It's really interesting when you get into all this mallarky isn't it??
Hope you had a good trip to the Czech rep.
6 years ago
Mary Jane Stender Does anyone have an family history on my grandfather's parents or siblings? He is the Patrick English who died in Cleveland in 1974. I think he had a sister who married into the Scanlon family.
2 years ago
Fionan O'Healai Hi Mary Jane. Sorry for the delay in replying, I am away from home in London doing a course at the moment so haven't had much time for family tree.

I believe Patrick was the son of Thomas English and Nora Needham. Here is a link to the 1901 census for Thomas and his family. Just copy it and paste it into your browser:

We actually have quite a bit of info on the Needham side. Also Patrick's sister Ellen married Edward (son of Bartley) Scanlon. Bartly was probably a brother of my grandfather's grandfather.

You can request to become a member (for free) of our tree and see what we have for yourself.

Hope this helps.


2 years ago
John B. McNulty In the 1890 US census Patrick McNulty and Mary Kelly Family have Needhams living with them. Apparently nieces from Ireland recently immigrated. I had a older lady tell me that her Mom was a Needham related to the McNulty/Kelly family. She had a daugher here named Graven nee Kelly.
When i visited Achill I went to the Mcnulty house on the Atlantic Drive. It was owned by a Doctor Masterson now. An older resident named Biddy Jhonny said she was a grand niece to Patrick McNulty. Apparently she lived to be over a hundred years old. She had a grandson and daughter here whose married name was Walker. When I saw him at Mass one evening I thought it was my father come to life again. I think the daughter lived in West Covina, California. And I have someone who did a bit of a family tree years back that ties me in with an O'Malley Family. Their ties are Patton and Colleran(Collins).
332 days ago