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Christine Grace (Neal) Morrison

Joined:September 3 2009 (6 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Neal,Morrison, Callcott, and Sanders.Families
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patricia Knott Thank you for your membership
Regards pat
5 years ago
patricia Knott Thanks for yours too Christine, I have found some of your relitives on Genes Reunited
5 years ago
Christina Garlick Hi Christine, I have found some relations on your tree that I didn't have yet .Thanks.I'll give you a ring soon as I only live in Scone and may be able to fill you in on some more. Tina
5 years ago
Christine Grace (Neal) Morrison Hi Christina, nice to hear from you,and you are just around the corner, so to speak.Where do you fit into the tree??
5 years ago
Trish Doyle have requested membership to my Family Tree.....what is the connection??

Thanks Trish
5 years ago
Christine Grace (Neal) Morrison My Great Great Grand father was Thomas light, Born 1796
died 1881 Tamworth NSW. Hope that helps thank you Trish
5 years ago
Trish Doyle Christine....I cannot find a Thomas Light in my tree....(I could be blind!!)
5 years ago
Faith Madge-Anne Osborne Hi Christine You have appeared on my site as looking up the Osborne family. I have tried entering some names on my tree but there doesn't seem to be any connection. If however you have found something you wish to check on, i will do my utmost to help. Regards Faith
4 years ago
Vivian Bridegroom Your are correct to reject the William Hares 1705 and 1735. I thought I rejected all of those. I have William Hares 5 Jan 1734 as 1705's son and his wife is Sarah Heal, Daughter Elizabeth Hares married to William Dyer. I couldn't believe how many times I saw the 1705 and 1735 as the same person.
3 years ago
Christine Grace (Neal) Morrison Hi Vivian, Let me know if and where I have made any mistakes. As its never ending. But I'm getting there slowly.Regards Christine
3 years ago
margaret skafte nee hourigan could anyone please tell me how the hourigan tree is conected with your trees as i am finding it hard to get info to conectall of us hope i dont sound to impation
2 years ago
Christine Grace (Neal) Morrison Hi Margaret, Sorry to say, but I don't have any Hourigan's in my tree. Regards Christine
2 years ago