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Carolyn Legg Hi this is Carolyn Legg from the Legg Family Website. I saw that you checked out my site and was wondering if you knew if and how we are related. If you are related for sure and want to be added to my family tree, let me know. Hope to hear from you soon!
6 years ago
Emma Jean Legg That is what I was tring to find out I have hodges, vincents, leggs im my tree but seem to match
6 years ago
Emma Jean Legg none seem to match especially with private I can't tell
6 years ago
corne payne Wil you invite me
6 years ago
George Prout I'm from the Prout Family tree; we have a last name Vincent in our family tree, I do not know his first name or what has happened to him. He was married to my Aunt Mary Huff and lived outside of Bellville, Ontario, Canada. The time I met him was on a visit in around 1958 or 1959, he at that time was involved with chicken farming in a large scale soon after I had met him, he and Mary split up. She and her two daughters moved to Prince Edward County where Mary had a cottage at a lake. I never seen the family since. Mary I heard has since moved to Napanee, Ontario, Canada.
6 years ago
Duane E. Sweeny, III Emma
My name is Ed Sweeny, my father was Duane Edward Sweeny, Jr. I saw your earlier post that said my father was born in Okmulgee, OK in 1916. How are you related to him.
5 years ago
Emma Jean Legg Yes 10 steps
Duane Edward Sweeney, Jr husband of Lucy May Bean
Lucy daughter of Rosa Viola Johnson
Rosa daughter of Harriet Ellen Olinger
Harriet is the daughter of Andrew John Olinger
Andrew John is the brother of Olinger
Olinger is the husband of Nancy Dugger
Nancy is the sister of James Lewis Dugger
James is the father of Lona Rosena Dugger
Lona is the mother of Marvin William Legg
Marvin is my father Emma Jean Legg
5 years ago
REBECCA KISNER Could you invite me? I don't see where I can request.
5 years ago
Emma Jean Legg sure, were able to go to my tree if so at the top it says you are not a member and not change anything then in blue it states request membership
I need you email address
5 years ago
Emma Jean Legg I found your email
5 years ago
Josephine Telarski I see you have matched with my Southerly family.
Can you tell me where you connect to them?
5 years ago
David Bertram Clymer IV Emma - we apparently cross paths and not over the fact that you and my daughter are born the same day but I must tell you have such a beautiful smile !!! David
5 years ago
Emma Jean Legg thank you very much
5 years ago
Phyllis Galloway Emma, that is my grand daughters name. I feel like I have met you somewhere in my travels, where do you live? I'm in your Graves Clyborn families. Smiles, Phyllis Galloway of Galloway Family Web Site I think I need to start over and make smaller Web Sites. Love to hear from you, Phyllis
5 years ago
Emma Jean Legg HI I live in Pennsylvania
5 years ago
Russell Jordan Emma,I am related to you thur Langston(I think) may be more. Not sure just yet ! :)
4 years ago
Russell Jordan Meant to add that my regular email is
4 years ago
Russell Jordan Emma,are you related to any Legg family that came out of Missouri ??--Russell
4 years ago
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Hans Hermann Wittorf
4 years ago
Carol (Blizzard) Braden I have a Miles Henkins [a distant relative] that has moved on to He used to be with MyHeritage and we continue to share info...I am
Fred's e-mail =
3 years ago
3 years ago
papasmith Do you have any Leggs that have lived in or live in Oklahoma.
2 years ago
Phil Fipps You appeared on my Fipps Family Tree as being related to My Grandparents Frederick & and Sarah May Fipps.
How are we related? Phillip Fipps email: Live in Forida
2 years ago
Fred (Roland) Jönsson Hello Emma! This Web maybe interesting for your Springer relatives from Sweden. If you are not able to read Swedish, probably you can find the name you are searching for and I can maybe help to translate, I´m Swedish, live as retired in Thailand with my family. I find an Smart Matching at Springer family.
Have a good day!
Best regards Fred Jönsson
2 years ago
Bill Verno How are you related to the Mirto family?
2 years ago
Martin Stanfield Hello Emma, I'm from New Zealand, but i cant find any connection SORRY.
one year ago