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Michael Sevcik Hi Cynthia,

1. Why the Shack? I'm with you on the sound of Music, one of very favorite movies of all times. Great music, great performers and a nobel Austrian!
2. We were only 2 years apart and I remember in the 60s going to the Selasek reunions (family get togethers) but I don't remember you--just wondering. Michael
5 years ago
Cynthia Marlette Have you read the Shack? I'm not a big novel reader, but this book just swallowed me up... I couldn't put it down. I didn't really know what to expect; it's about Christianity but not preachy. It's fiction but feels so real. It's hard to put my finger on what made it so fascinating, but I'd encourage you to read it and see what you think. It's almost a phenomenum.

Ah... the Sound of Music... it was the first live production I ever saw (I must have been about 5) and then the movie. Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer were wonderful. I still love watching it!

We went to quite a few Salasek reunions in the 60's; course we also went to Dostal reunions, and I couldn't tell you which was which. I don't remember a lot of kids my age and I don't remember a lot about the reunions. Where do you remember that they were? I know there was at least one where I played the piano.
Glad you're exploring the website! You sent a check, right? (I've gotten 4) Thanks for the contribution; I'm still going to send out a mass email letting people know who contributed and maybe nudge some more to give : )
5 years ago
Marcella Jean PODHAJSKY Hi Cynthia,

I think perhaps the biggest difference between the Salasek and Dostal reunions might have been where they were held. I believe many of the Dostal reunions might have been held at the ZCBJ Hall in Clutier. The Salasek reunions were always held in a park:: Tama, Taylor Park in Traer or at Marshalltown.
I have many fond memories of those Salasek reunions as I'd get to see the rest of the Salasek family: Lizzie and Fred Hurt, Mayme, Fred and Arlene Votrobeck and your grandparents, Fred and Louise, Delores, Glenace and your dad and Mom, Dale and Carolyn and families.
One incident I will always remember is the time when you were about four years old and you decided to cross the busy street in front of the Tama Park. No one could find you for a few moments, then you were located across the street. Your dad nearly had a heart attack I think - how did you get across that busy street without being hit? I'm sure we had a great reunion after you added that excitement to get us stirred. You've been adding family fun ever since!

Thanks for all the work on the reunion web-site.

Love, Marcella Podhajsky Pults
4 years ago
Cynthia Marlette Wow, I never knew about that incident. I guess I always have been an independent sort. : ) Thanks for sharing that.
Sorry I haven't replied to your latest email; I'm just swamped. Glad you got to visit Mom; I know she enjoyed your time together.
Thanks for writing... love,Cynthia
4 years ago
Michael Sevcik Hi Cynthia, I am concerned about our limit. As you know I have mom and Aunt Lizzie's family photos. the reason I am putting them all on facebook and only a few on is due to our limit. Not sure how much we have to pay for more photo storage space? M
3 years ago
Cynthia Marlette I think it would be quite a bit. What I would like to encourage people to do is to delete photos they have uploaded that are large, and re upload them to no larger than about 800 x 800. That would surely save space. Go ahead and upload photos, and it won't let you upload more than what we're signed up for.
3 years ago