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Suzanne Reeves-Finch Hi Dorothy, what is your interest in The Finch site, are you related?
5 years ago
Dorothy Pollock Hi, I'm not sure if we're related but we do have some ancestors in common. I actually sent you a message with more details after my initial contact as I only just started using this site today and I'm still learning. What happened was, when I entered my mother and grandparents details, I received a report of a 'smart match' which took me to your family site, so I'm assuming there is a link between the Collins side of our families. It showed that my Grandfather, Bill [Norman William] Collins, my Grandmother, Alma and my mother, Valda were listed in your family tree and the dates of birth matched also. I would just like to exchange information to see if you have any details that I am missing and vice versa; also to understand how the Collins' are related to your family. I would love to swap info, and If you can help me to work out how to send you a link to my family tree I would be happy to do so; then you can see what I'm referring to for yourself. Hoping to hear from you soon, regards, Dorothy.
5 years ago
Suzanne Reeves-Finch Hi Dorothy, Who is your Dad and what are his details, I can add you if I have that information. Dob and place, Wedding date and place. Your husbands details also. also date of death and place if appropriate.

Bob is related to you so you can then add his details from my tree and put his email there and we can access it.

5 years ago
Dorothy Pollock Oh great, thanks Suzanne. My dad's name is Edward Ernest Pollock dob 1st Feb 1921, died 18/10/2004. Born and passed in Brisbane. Married Valda Irene Collins, [born 4th January 1928 in Shepparton, Vic.] on 10th September 1949 at Brisbane. My husband's name is Rowen Sinclair dob 20th June 1961. Mine is Dorothy Maureen Sinclair nee Pollock, dob 5th January 1962.

Let me know if you need anything else, thanks again,

5 years ago