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Z Aljunied Hi Laurie. I read the problem you had in "linking" same parents shared by 2 families, especially when you start building the family tree from bottom up. For example, family I created the family tree of family A. Then when to create that of family B. Then I found that both A & B shared the same grandparents. Then I had 2 sets of grandparents there. Did you faced the same problem and how did you get yourself out of this? Thanks. (Singapore)
6 years ago
Laurie Sherrod Geez.... I finally figured it out and now I cannot remember. I think I posted it in the same place where I put the question? There is a way to add an existing person as a parent to someone - but it's pretty buried. My problem was "inter-marrying" - where cousins married each other and had the same grandparents.
6 years ago