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2 years ago
Ray Kohn [PremiumPlus member] Ray Kohn

Hi Wendy,

I am doing my family tree and my wife's aunty, Violet May Farnham 1941 - 2014 married Hebron Arthur Bennett 1937 - ?.
Can you tell me if he is still alive?

Also, I am having trouble with who is the mother of the children of Hebron Arthur Charles Bennett 1857 - 1935.

I had Mary Jane Perks but someone contacted me to say he has a second wife Mary Jane England who married him late in life.

I would be grateful if you could confirm for me the details of his first wife.


Ray Kohn
104 days ago
Wendy Diane Packham Hi Ray
I've had trouble working it out but it was some time ago that I was looking into this branch and don't totally recall. I think I figured Hebron Arthur Charles may have been two timing. At least one daughter is registered with Sarah and that is Florence - 26835/1898.
Not sure if his son Hebron is still alive.
I'll have another look to refresh my memory and let you know if I find anything.
104 days ago