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Michael Spensieri Vinchiaturo is a Town or Comune of about 3,500 people many of whom have resettled there in the fifties. The Mayor is Mr. Antonello Tucci, the Opposition is Mr. Luigi Valente. Mr. Valente speaks passable english and is a 50 year old lawyer personal friend of Michael Spensieri. There are no parties only Electoral Lists. The election was just held on the 15th of May 2011. The Comune seeks funding for its projects locally through a realty tax and from the Provincia which is Campobasso, and the Regione which is Molise. Some projects qualify for federal funding from Rome. The Church is very much alive in local affairs and the Parish is known as Holy Cross or La Santa Croce. Scott, please ask me anything you want to know on local governance.
4 years ago
Michael Spensieri Comune di Vinchiaturo
Piazza Municipio, 1
86019 Vinchiaturo CB Italy
4 years ago
Scott Michael, So do I understand that Vinchiaturo is the town, Campobasso is like a US county, and Molise is similar to a US state? In the Italian system of records, who has the authority to retain records, such as land ownership, probate, marriages, deaths, and births?
4 years ago