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June Faught Hello, I am trying to locate my husbands father's family.
His name was William Dale Boyd, born around 1916-18
time frame either from Scotland or Ireland. My husband's
mother's family is from Ireland, originally and lived in
Edgerton, Kansas. My father-in[law came from a rather
large family and had a lot of brothers and we know that
one of them was named James and that is all that we
know. We know that there is a McDonald connection
somewhere but we have connected the dots yet. My
father-in-law died about 3 years ago and he did not
keep in touch with any of his family after he left. We
do not know why. My father-in-law did not keep in touch
with anyone except for his Mother and we do not know
her name. Saw a picture of her and she was a short
puddgy, blondish gray hair, looked as though she had
worked hard all her life. However, she was wearing a
fur stole in the picture we saw of her. Father-in-law had
a brother who died in the fall of 1978 because someone
called him on the phone and told him that his brother
had died. Don't know anything else. Father-in-law did
not speak of it at all. I know that my Father-in-law left
home at an early age to find work and make it on his
own and as far as we know, he never went back. However,
when he got married, his Mother was at the wedding in
Edgerton,Kansas. We do not know where he came from.
I hope that I have told you something that may have helped
you or if you know anything that could help us, please
post us. Thank you and good luck.
June Boyd
5 years ago