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Aggi-Rose Reddin

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chris reddin hello aggi,its nice that we have the same surname .do you have atree to look at.i cant get any further on the john reddin,side of family
6 years ago
Aggi-Rose Reddin Hi Chris! Great to hear from you :-) My Reddin ancestor Dennis Reddin was born in Co Laois in 1793, emigrated to Prince Edward Island bef 1820.

You may be interested to know I am the admin for a yDNA project which is showing some interesting results re the Reddins around the world!

Turns out my bunch share ancestry with some Rodens who in turn descend from Raughtons/Wroughtons.

Other Reddins in the project share ancestry with the O'Neils confirming my father's understanding of Reddin being a sept of the O'Neils [just not mine]; some others share ancestry with other Irish families and some can not yet attach themselves to specific Irish or English or Scottish families.

We are now more anxious than ever to have Reddins in Great Britain who might be interested in being tested.

Feel free to contact me at if you are interested in continuing this discussion :-) Cheers Aggi-Rose
6 years ago
chris reddin hello again nice to that .i will contact you with more info that ive come up with
6 years ago