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Faye Renae Peters Michelle, I just now figured out how to change the language. I never noticed that little box over in the right hand corner. DUH
6 years ago
Michelle Boyd Faye,
I'm glad you figured it out!
6 years ago
Claude Taylor Lakesha Taylor. This child may be a relative of mind. This is Uncle Claude Taylor :-)
6 years ago
Vanessa Peters Michelle, how do I add Hasani's father's name under her profile? His name is Daniel Shipp... Thanks, Vanessa
6 years ago
Lahawn Lee i am sorry i have not gotton back to you with the menu but i was on point with Anthony trying to make sure he had all his things together to apply for a job with his father ,he got it. GOD IS SO GOOD. try to call me if i don't call you
6 years ago
Barbara Wellington Michelle you have done a great job with our family web page. I really enjoyed myself at the reunion. You all did an excellent job.
5 years ago
Michelle Boyd Thanks Barbara,
I really enjoyed putting the family web page together and learning about how we are all related to one another. Having a visual really helped a lot and being able to see so many faces at the reunion that I had been talking to by phone and email seemed to make it all worthwhile.
5 years ago