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François Edouard Cellier

Joined:January 25 2009 (7 years ago)
Genealogy surnames I am researching:Borchardt, Pincus, Peiser

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Denise Yvonne Cellier If you visit South Carolina, please let me know. I have guest rooms! I recommend at trip to Charleston South Carolina.
2 years ago
François Edouard Cellier Dear Denise: Thanks for your offer. My wife and I shall be traveling to the Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah) traveling down memory lane -- we have lived in Tucson, AZ during 21 years (from 1984-2005).
2 years ago
Cynthia Williams Hi - I'm probably your most recent family member added to this site (thanks indirectly to Amy Feigenbaum and more direct through Uri Shani. Are you on facebook?
one year ago
François Edouard Cellier Hi Cynthia! Welcome to the Borchardt website! No, I am not on facebook ... kind of old-fashioned, I know. My social network is called MyHeritage :-)
one year ago
Heidi Tessler Hello! Its Heidi again. Let me know if you will be in Denver Colorado. Not so far from Arizona. We share the Maharal of Prague as a common ancestor (me through his 6th daughter and perhaps his 4th as well--and my husband through his 4 th daughter.) I am struggling with an old family tree and other family trees trying to connect his 4th daughter Rachel to a legend that has been handed down through my husband's family--amongst others. But I am having trouble making names sequences and birth dates match. The legend says that there were 3 brothers--disciples of the Bal Shem Tov--who hosted the Emperor of the Austrio-Hungarian empire when he was vacationing in (?the Balkan mountains) Because they were such good hosts, the emperor gave them names :Stern (Mordechai),
Fruchter, and Adler. Each populated a Hungarian town. I can send you an old family tree that
describes their ancestry through Horowitzes to Wallerstein Hellers to the Maharal. Are you familiar with this part of the tree?) You have a son of Rachel's named Nathan in your tree...but his birth date doesnt work--and not all trees that track this family have him.

Thank you for your assistance (if you have time during your travels.) Heidi
one year ago