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Patsy Lee Jack .My father was Jack George (Stringer) Hartman son of Albert L. Hartman and Pearl Stringer Hartman, Grandson of George Sawyer Hartman and Amyan Pheby Rodgers Hartman Are we related if so how?
6 years ago
R K Harrison Sorry, but no direct line. I am a DIX descendant - so any DIX info that I come across goes into my database.
6 years ago
Benedict Lawrence Colford Jr. My wifes father was Fred Garrity Killam, bAug 5, 1908 in Etna, Penobscot, ME, and the son of Fred Martin and Mary Taylor, also of ME. I recieved a smart match with your site regarding Fred Garrity but was unable to locate him in your family tree. If you have any info on him and his ancesters, could you let me know please. E-mail;
or post here and I will check later. We are at a stand still on her end of the family tree and could use some help.
Thanks much,
B. Larry Colford Jr. of Livermore Falls, ME
5 years ago
R. Kellum Sorry I can't help you with Fred Garrity Killam. My tree goes back to james William Kellum. If you have any data on Him I would love to see it.
5 years ago
Benedict Lawrence Colford Jr. I'm not sure if your William Kellum and my William Kilham, b1520-England, are one in the same - but. I'll send an email with more information with it. (Dec 11, 2010)
5 years ago
Glenna Long Hello Robbin,
I am Susan Sullivan. My maternal grandfather was George Lewis Fuller born January 9, 1869. My maternal grandmother was Glencora E. (Coquallette) Fuller. I never knew the name of his earlier wife. He also married Grace Fuller and they had three children. Would love to compare further information. My mother was Martha Justine Fuller, and her sisters Myrtle Ruth and Faye Laverne.

Hope to hear from you.

5 years ago
Carol Mills Earl and Henrrietta were my Grandparents. My Uncle John and Cousin David Killam, son of Phillip, have done a ton of work on the Killam family. Looks like maybe you are possibly related to Carl and Kathy, Carl passed away several years ago, Cathy still lives in the Quad Cities. Carl was my Mothers cousin. My family lived in Bettendorf for several years and saw them very often. Carol R. Mills Webb
5 years ago
Donald P. Hutchins John Frink b. 1732 is dead. You don't have him checked as dead on his edit card.
5 years ago
Katherine Vasquez Hello Robbin,
My name is Katie Vasquez and I am the granddaughter of Lyle Polley (parents George and Carrie Bird). I would appreciate any information on the Polley side as I was unaware of my great-grandfather's name until viewing your tree (partially).
Thank you for your

4 years ago